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Hey how's it going guys Cody here for a news update on the voids wrath modpacks! This is an update to status's on a few modpacks that have had long awaited beta times and updates! As well as some talk on the brand new void launcher redesign and website redesign!

Mod Packs

Dream Craft 1.2 Update:

Voids Wrath 2.0 Beta:
The reason for the voids wrath beta delay has been a mixture of a few things. 1 being my trip to New York with that I had some issues being able to provide my time to the launcher. Another being 1.7.2 modpack issues this is our first mod pack in 1.7.2 and I feel we have to do it right, so we are taking our time. Lastly is the new launcher Rich has been so busy with the new launcher recode and redesign that he hasn't had much free time for mod pack update maintenance!

PokePack 1.1:
This update will be coming out with the new launcher and have some long time bug fixes and a recent...​
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Hey guys just a quick note that Voids Wrath beta is being delayed a couple of days we are having an issue with a specific forge version we have to use and we have to prep the launcher for it! We will be giving more info soon when the beta will be commencing!
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Hey how's it going guys Cody here for the Release of Jurassic Craft 1.0, update for Crazy Craft 2.1, Voids Wrath Beta Testing! This is a big weekend for the voids wrath we fully launch up Jurassic Craft with some amazing new mods. Relaunching the first mod pack that got us off the ground when we first started! We also announce some bug fixes for Crazy Craft that were long awaited!

Jurassic Craft Release:
Jurassic Craft has been a fan favorite for awhile now! The mod pack is now in a great stage right now very minimum bugs, Fully functioning mac version, Public Server almost ready, and it is very well rounded out with a lot of great mods! Your journey can begin today to make your own Park!

Here is the Jurassic Craft 1.0 Server!
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Announcement: The release is being delayed due to a problem with a specific forge version. More information will be out soon.


What is going on guys Cody here to announce the Alpha testing of Voids Wrath 2.0. We have a lot of big mod packs/updates/servers that will be moving forth into beta and we will thank all of you for your continual support and helping find bugs! The Voids Wrath was our first mod pack we released and with great pleasure we are happy to give you guys a new adventure!

Voids Wrath 2.0 Future:
We are launching this Sunday July 6th for our Voids Wrath 2.0 Alpha! This release is not tested that much we wanted to get the fans something to take a look at however! We also wanted to get our...
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Hey how's it going guys Cody here and I just want to chat about a few upcoming things that will be happening on the void launcher! We are working on a new website, new launcher, removal of some old modpacks, mod pack fixes and some other awesome news!

New Launcher:
We have been working on a brand new launcher design and functionality! This will mean a lot cleaner look, mod installations within the launcher and more mac support! This will be coming with the new website and new voids wrath mod pack!

New Website:
We have been working very hard to get a website redesign! This new design was created by a member of designing the current league of legends website! Along with that we have a new logo!

New Mod Packs:
We have been working on a few new modpacks including Jurassic Craft, Voids Wrath 2.0 and CurseCraft! These modpacks are going to be released in that order! Jurassic Craft full release will be sometime soon! Along with Voids wrath 2.0...
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Hey guys, Here is where all the new beta testing applications will be posted. So whenever a new beta mod pack comes out check here to apply! We will check frequently and make sure we are up to date as much as possible! Also do not be afraid to leave a post telling us what you think of the new mod pack!

Here is the sing up application:

1. Minecraft in game name:
2. Why do you want the new mod pack:
3. Will you help report bugs in the bug report section:
4. What is the mod pack about:
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Hey guys, here is where all the announcement swill be made. We will announce here the up and coming new mid packs or new updates we are making to older mod packs. We will be looking for your feedback on everything we do so do not be afraid to comment and leave us your opinion!
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Our forums server suffered a hard drive failure leading to the destruction of the old forums. We are currently working on recovering all the old posts from the old forums.
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Hey guys whats going on! This is the place to sign up for the Jurassic Craft Beta testing! We have pulled Jurassic Craft into beta for a week to test fro any unseen bugs!

We need your guys help to find those bugs! After being added to the beta testing make sure to come back here and report anything you find!

Here is how you sign up:

First you need to copy and paste this quick application filling out all the questions:

1. What is your in game name:
2. Will you help by reporting bugs:
3. What is Jurassic Craft about:
4. Why do you want the beta testing:

After filling out the application you will be added to the beta testing key! Search here for your name to see if you are added yet! Launcher/betatesterlist.php

Now in order to get the game you need to wait until you have been added.
After you have been added you need to run the launcher!
Select a mod pack(Doesn't matter which one) and run that mod pack!
Once the mod pack opens up and you...
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