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  1. Cody Maverick
    Cody Maverick
    There is a bug in crazy craft 3.0 causing a crash. We are fixing
  2. Cody Maverick
    Cody Maverick
    look at announcments
  3. Theboss200
    Online I guess...
  4. Sawtooth44
    Sawtooth44 Ham44
    why are you people even commenting on this profile
  5. NightTime
  6. NightTime
  7. skyhiromoshy
    hello. my crazycraft launcher keeps crashing. everytime i go to join the server. my game keeps crashing? can someone please help me?
  8. 1thegamingape1
  9. doger9887
    doger9887 Sawtooth44
    Sawtooth, its been a while, where can I get a discord link?
    1. Sawtooth44
      *points in the direction of there youtube description box*
      Sep 15, 2017
  10. CraftBattlePoni
    CraftBattlePoni chuckles101x
    ohhh yahhh mmmmm more
  11. Sawtooth44
    if you people want my help go to the dam atlantis discord server and PM me cause i aint gonna respond here
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  12. JN_362
    I love MineCraft
  13. aligames388
    Hello, I'm glad I joined you
  14. WolfplaysGT
    And now i'm Dotty.
  15. Ellieplays
    Why does it have to say my age!
  16. MykyNomNom
  17. physiotru02
  18. ForestLurker
  19. __ETHAN___
    i cant log in I have tried my email and my voidwrath log in and password but still gives me an error message
  20. Hollie2017
    anyone know why my crazy craft wont load ?