Ban Appeal Format (official Voidswrath Server) Read Before Posting

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    Ban Appeal Format. Please copy and paste the format below and then fill it out. Do not post multiple threads.
    Place This Ban Appeal under the section VOIDS WRATH 1.0 SERVER and then into
    If you post a ban appeal here it will be moved into the section by staff themselves which will prove you irresponsible for not reading and following this guideline through. Ban Appeal Must be FULLY completed or else it will be denied until you edit the post and bump it up by leaving a comment in your thread telling the staff you have edited and completed it.
    -DO NOT spam any staff member to look at your thread
    -The More Details you have the better chance you will have to be unbanned.
    -DO NOT change your IGN to escape a ban, otherwise you will be denied and banned on both IGNs
    -DO NOT include inappropriate content in your ban appeal
    -Common sense for what to write and not to

    Not Following The Rules above Will Result in your ban appeal being denied

    1) Your in game name:
    2) When were you banned?:
    3) Why were you banned?:
    4) Who banned you (if known)?:
    5) What Modpack servers are you banned on?:
    6) Why should we unban you?(With Detail):
    7) Have you ever been banned before on ANY
    of the modpack servers created by VoidsWrath?:
    8) How long have you been playing on the server? (Doesn't need to be exact):
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    You are still banned for approx. 4 days.

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