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    1) Your in game name: junus023
    2) When were you banned?: About year ago
    3) Why were you banned?: Well its a pretty long story so il put it with why should we unban you
    4) Who banned you (if known)?: It was long ago so i dont remember
    5) What server were you banned on?: The official server for Void's Wrath
    6) Why should we unban you?: This excactly happened. I was with my friends pvping at /warp survival and an admin or mod told everyone to leave. We asked why that was, he replied with doing /kill on me. Then i asked why i was killed and asked if i could get my stuff back. He replied with banning me forever on the server. After that i was pretty confused and thought that when the server reset i wouldnt be banned anymore. I was wrong and was still banned, so i went to this site and made this post.
    The reason why you should unban me is that because what happened i learned that i shouldnt question any mod and do excactly what they say when they say something to me.
    And now that i learned that i think im able to play on the server without breaking rules.
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