Best Spell Ever

Discussion in 'Crusader Craft Server' started by WillS1888, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. WillS1888

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  2. voidswrath

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    hahah thats insane
  3. JDewees

    JDewees Member

    holy crap I know who not to mess with
  4. Sawtooth44

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  5. mbogita

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    Ummmmm, death to all players?
  6. Lord Ferno

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    That is quite humorous... yes that spell is abnormally strong, but no spell actually does that much damage. That mob there is the Monking from Better Dungeons. It is a quite a unique mob as whatever damage is receives actually increased drastically... so in the most simplest of terms... the spell only does so much damage because the Monking always takes more damage than other mobs.
  7. CaptainMankey

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    OMG i Wish i had this spell power
  8. DPH2001

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