Can´t Log In To Play Please Help

Discussion in 'General' started by Thedinotamer, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. Sawtooth44

    Sawtooth44 Unpaid moderator Staff Member Voidlauncher Support

    with ANYTHING to do with logging on
    its normal MC login
    if it dose not work instantly wait an hour

    i told cody in the past this is a problem but its never been fixed
  2. Katykat606

    Katykat606 New Member

    i need help with something, so basically i pressed play then everything downloaded. then it opens and shut down... can u help
  3. AviGamingYT94

    AviGamingYT94 New Member

    i have a premium account and i cant log in whan i place info and pass into logging box please help me
  4. Pro_Racoon

    Pro_Racoon New Member

    i did that and it took me to i login to my minecraft and it takes me to profile what do i do next
  5. TnTpRiNcEss360

    TnTpRiNcEss360 New Member

    I'm having the same problem too in crazy craft 3.0. It says I have to log into chilliserver , but I already have!! This is really annoying cause I wanna play really bad...:(
  6. Asakano

    Asakano New Member

    Whenever I reset my password and try logging in on the launcher, it doesn't work. Not only that, but the password I just changed it to doesn't work either. (100% Certain I'm using the same password I set it to.)

    Edit: Now I can't log into any form of Minecraft...
    Edit 2: Seems to be working now, looks like it might've been a login server issue.
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  7. Skylar_Gameing

    Skylar_Gameing New Member

  8. Mwizard

    Mwizard New Member

    So, is a premium account just signing up? That's my only question since I am having this problem.
  9. MJSHJR5Stars

    MJSHJR5Stars New Member

    Okay, Im brand new to a Minecraft account. I'm trying to log into Void Launcher but it keeps telling me I have the wrong username and/or password. I have tried resetting my password, using my email, using my user name. I have already bought Minecraft. But I still can't even log on for the first time to even play.
  10. Foalan91

    Foalan91 New Member

    I had minecraft but can't login help please
  11. BubbleBlower18

    BubbleBlower18 New Member

  12. Keegandawg

    Keegandawg New Member

  13. RageDemon

    RageDemon New Member

    I have tried many time to sign in on the void launcher and i do have a premium account but no matter what it just says invalid username/password combination, is there any way to fix it?
  14. RageDemon

    RageDemon New Member

    As it appears there are an abundance of people who have this problem so its not just a single computer problem but maybe a update problem.
  15. FoxyFoxFox0101

    FoxyFoxFox0101 New Member

    In having the same problem and I have looked on YouTube to see if anything on their works but non of it dose.
  16. captaindrobat

    captaindrobat New Member

    i can't login either instead and of just saying stuff they have tried TRY TO FUCKING HELP THEM
  17. RageDemon

    RageDemon New Member

    someone sould tell an admin about this page and get them to look at it.
  18. UntamedKing

    UntamedKing New Member

    A message keeps on popping up saying "Your username/password is wrong" or something like that, it gives me an option to play offline if I click "no" it closes it, if I click "yes" it comes up with another error message saying I need to buy minecraft and have a premium account. I entered my email and password correctly (my minecraft login) and it won't work, I did buy minecraft and a minecraft account and my account is premium. Now when I try to log in to minecraft (the launcher), or any other minecraft websites it also says my email and password is invalid when it's correct and spelt correctly? I use a Mac OS X 10.9.5 21 Inch late 2012 iMac computer.
  19. UntamedKing

    UntamedKing New Member

    Also I installed both the required Javas correctly and downloaded the void launcher correctly (I clicked "cross platform download"). Any suggestions/how do I fix it?
  20. UntamedKing

    UntamedKing New Member

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