Can´t Log In To Play Please Help

Discussion in 'General' started by Thedinotamer, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. RageDemon

    RageDemon New Member

    Guys i solved the problem
    Just use your email the first time or it wont work, this doesn't mean re-download but all you have to do is to close it and try again if this doesn't work then restart your computer and try then if it doesn't work then i'm sorry but i can't help any further.your welcome, but no need to thank me.
  2. RageDemon

    RageDemon New Member

    use email for user and normal MC pass


  4. RageDemon

    RageDemon New Member

    you put your minecraft email and password in not your voidcraft account info or your minecraft username, you put it in the bottom left.
  5. jojohaba

    jojohaba New Member

    Guys a tip is that instead of your minecraft username put your Email address that you have used for ur MC account and the password for ur account. Thats all you need.
  6. The3rdHeat

    The3rdHeat New Member

    me to :(
  7. The3rdHeat

    The3rdHeat New Member

    how did you do it i need some help login in
  8. NoeG17

    NoeG17 New Member

    i have tried everythink u guys have said and nothing worked
  9. FllluffeeTalks

    FllluffeeTalks New Member

    I am having the same problem! I have a minecraft premium account I downloaded the newest version of Voids Wrath I got minecraft 1.7.10 because thats what Crazy Craft needs and NOTHING IS WORKING! The only problem I am having is with the username and password thing with Voids Wrath?? I entered in my username and password correctly EVERYTHING WAS CORRECT I have a Voids Wrath account I have a MineCraft account but it wont let me login! Even when I enter in the correct information and all it says login so I login but when I do it says I DONT EXIST! I am salty about it because I have been dealing with this for MONTHS NOW! Someone please help me with this problem I CANNOT FIX ANYTHING! I have a Windows 10 computer! Contact me if you know how to fix this problem my email is [email protected]. Thanks

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  10. Draco_Malfoy429

    Draco_Malfoy429 New Member

    I have bought it but it doesn't work
  11. jeremy wiser

    jeremy wiser New Member

    how did you get it I have been trying for a moth
  12. BambooGamingYT

    BambooGamingYT New Member

    What do u do I'm stuck like this I'm logged in to my minecraft account on and on this but I can log in the launcher
  13. Kill Switch

    Kill Switch New Member

    Yeah the same is happing to me!
  14. Michael W.

    Michael W. New Member

    what's a premium account?
  15. Michael W.

    Michael W. New Member

    I can't login to my mojang/minecraft account because it says I already have a account that's signed into another device. Also I'm pretty sure I'm putting in the right password and Email address but it says it's wrong!

    I think this game is just trying to mess with your mind by confusing you by saying your stuff is wrong
  16. Michael W.

    Michael W. New Member

  17. DivineMasterVT

    DivineMasterVT New Member

    Please help! I type in my MC premium account username and password, and it not work. I have 64 bit java 8, 64 bit windows 10, and everything else I need.

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  18. trixersaurusrex

    trixersaurusrex New Member

    literally theres no reason it shouldnt work, but it doesnt.
  19. RageDemon

    RageDemon New Member

    User:Email for MC Account
    Pass:password for MC Account
  20. RageDemon

    RageDemon New Member

    Username is Email for MC
    Password is Password for MC

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