Can´t Log In To Play Please Help

Discussion in 'General' started by Thedinotamer, Apr 6, 2015.

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  2. Rokursok

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    i logged in before opening voids wrath but when i opened it or when i clicked on Steve's face to log in it wont let me log into Mojang or Minecraft either it did not let me log in when i opened voids wrath or when i clicked Steve's face to log in and i tried opening a new tab to log in and it did not work and i even went to Mojang to log in and that did not work and my minecraft account is migrated to my Mojang account what do i do now does anyone have the answer?
  3. Gamergirl0607

    Gamergirl0607 New Member

    This still isn't working. I've tried my email, I have a premium account.. I've tried everything on this page. NOTHING works.. Please help ;(

    I've tried my alt, my regular account. I've reset my password on both like 5 times.. I do have a premium account. I've bought MC . I've literally tried everything here. I did use my email and tried my username. Nothing works!!! Please help me :(

    Also I did redownload the launcher. Still didn't work
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  4. Sawtooth44

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    use your email
    you dont click that to login, click a modpack and click play or reinstall
    can you log in anywhere else? other launchers or for exsample
  5. Angus Walmsley

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    Can anyone tell me how to log on cause I can't
  6. Sawtooth44

    Sawtooth44 Unpaid moderator Staff Member Voidlauncher Support

    use your login from
    click on a modpack
    click play or reinstall
  7. Lord_Besteros

    Lord_Besteros New Member

    Well with me I lost my minecraft account i can't login anywhere. If Anybody knows how to fix i would appreciate it
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  8. Zaiphur

    Zaiphur New Member

    clearly there is no easy fix here. no matter how much time spent on following the advice, it ends up in a dead end which further makes it impossible to even play my normal MC game let alone log in. I gave it a try, more time then I would have liked, I'm done with this. thanks but not worth my time anymore. thanks for trying.

    MUTANT_AIMAN_123 New Member

    There is An new Version of voidlauncher that fixed the jdk or jrm crash
    When you open voidlauncher It is going to say there is an new version
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  10. Matas

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    im having the same trouble, i have a premium account, and everytime i try to play CrazyCraft 3.0 i enter my CORRECT log-in emails, and it says this error; "Invalid username/password combination. Would you like to play offline? You will be unable to connect to any online servers." even if i press yes it doesnt work, what could the problem be..?
  11. cuyfly

    cuyfly New Member

    please I need help too, I dont know what to do, I downloaded the installer to play crazy craft, and I login then click play but just says login is wrong
  12. Plasma Playz

    Plasma Playz New Member

    Thank you! Ive been having alot of trouble with it too
  13. Gamergirl0607

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    It still doesn't work. And yes I can sign onto the mojang stuff. But when I firstly tried I couldn't :(
  14. JumboAx

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    Ive looked at all of these comments on how to log in to play... But no Solutions work for me? Its not letting me even log into the whole voidswrath launcher!
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  15. inlineskater720

    inlineskater720 New Member

    Can anyone log in? I've been trying for about an hour now. I have a premium account, tried resetting my password twice now. Even with my alt.
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  16. HitmanFTW101

    HitmanFTW101 New Member

    Nope same problem as you I have buaght MC with a credit card and I cant log in anywhere so voidswrath messed up everything! I hae payed 100's of dollars on servers and now Voidswrath ruined everything I have ever done!
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  17. TheGamingHero

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    I had the same problem but in minecraft when you put your username put your @gmail or @yahoo
  18. EvelinaMarie

    EvelinaMarie New Member

    This error posted by several is a serious error caused by the Void Launcher. Can someone fix it please. I tried all fixes posted here. It doesn't help. Details of what the error has done to me:

    1. Installed the Void Launcher
    2. Tried to download a pack - followed instructions. Used one of my THREE PAID MineCraft accounts. It generated an error - user name/email address and password invalid.
    3. I allowed it to send me to page. When I arrived there, I could not log in using my email and password. I reset my password three times. Still no success in logging onto I tried running my AT Launcher MadPack 3 game, and it also generated an invalid token error! I was completely locked out of playing minecraft through any launcher. This is an issue because we have a family server, and we can't log onto it with the current server properties, (can't play offline) to play minecraft on our own lan.
    4. No problem I own another minecraft account. At the page I simply tried to log on using my other account. Same error as above. ALL of the errors, even after resetting that password.
    5. No problem, I'll use my 3rd minecraft account, (my grandson's). Same errors, I couldn't log onto And all the other errors listed above.
    6. THIS IS THE WORST PART. After 30 to 60 minutes, (I went to cook breakfast), I was able to log onto my minecraft account via the AT launcher! Yeah! BUT - and this is scary folks - when I tried to play using the VoidLauncher, once again the same errors. Once again - using just ONE minecraft account caused all the other minecraft accounts running from our IP to FAIL! In total we own 4 minecraft accounts, and play all four on our home network, (my husband owns the 4th account).

    What I want to know is what exactly is the void launcher doing to cause these errors to occur with the minecraft log in? Even though I entered only one minecraft account into the Void Launcher, why were all our minecraft accounts having the log in errors mentioned above? What is the Void Launcher doing to mess this up. Tekkit, Technic, MineCraft Launcher, MultiMC, AT Launcher, FTB Launcher, Curse --- all of these do not screw up all our accounts in one blow. All of these launchers do not cause these errors.

    This is serious. What is happening?
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  19. TheGamingHero

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  20. noahmc100

    noahmc100 New Member

    i signed in on my voids wrath account and my mc account still doesent work
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