Cc3 Beta Servers?

Discussion in 'Create Your Own Server' started by ZzWOLFOverLordzZ, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Does anybody have intentions on making a server for the CC3 beta any time soon? I feel like its kinda easy to get OP and butcher the queen and king in a day if you know what your doing, and the best way to have fun is honestly with others, either if your making friends, or if your like me and want to look more OP than others :p bragging rights for dayzzzzz
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  2. Sawtooth44

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    no official at least
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  3. Sofi223b

    Sofi223b Member

    I do hope one comes out even though it would takes very strong computer to keep it. Going ;P
  4. sjryder74

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  5. MrSulfur

    MrSulfur New Member

    I would love just to see some Crazy Craft 3.0 Servers it would make all people just mind blownl.
  6. Nickwolf22

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    i COMPLETELY AGREE and you could host it on a separate computer if it has at least 4gb of ram preferably 8gb because i think it will need at least 3gb to run decently 4+ for less lag
  7. TheYTlegend

    TheYTlegend New Member

    i would make it but dont no what i am doing

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