Common Ways To Fix Problems With Crazycraft 3.0

Discussion in 'Crazy Craft 3.0' started by Lucas Doan, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. Lucas Doan

    Lucas Doan Moderator Staff Member

    Hey guys,
    So the modpack just came out yesterday and some of you guys have problems with the modpack.
    There are a bunch of ways to try to fix your problems.
    First of all you can submit a ticket explaining the problem that you have.
    You can also try to allocate more ram to the game.
    You can also reinstall the game if it doesn't work.
    Finally you can check the box 'Apply PermGenSpace Fix.
    Hope these quick tips will help you.
    Enjoy the modpack! :)
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  2. LavaminerStudios

    LavaminerStudios New Member

    Lucas do you mind telling me how to do any of that, how am I supposed to get more ram?, Where do I find the PermGenSpace Fix box?
  3. alfonzotheguy21

    alfonzotheguy21 New Member

    after redownloading it, it said launching mine craft and nothing happened, then i opened my game, and nothing changed
  4. LavaminerStudios

    LavaminerStudios New Member

    I get into my world but it just never pull's through I've gotten so close I could smell the craziness
  5. LavaminerStudios

    LavaminerStudios New Member

    I got mine working im running smooth 60 fps great mudpack :D
  6. jeremy darklord

    jeremy darklord New Member

    i never got on it never loaded the world
  7. Whizola

    Whizola New Member

    At the top right of the Void Launcher, there's an options button. Click that and you can find them there.
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  8. trevor1302

    trevor1302 New Member

    looks handy and dandy
  9. Cmack3299

    Cmack3299 New Member

    How do I allocate more storage, when I do it on the voidswrath launcher by uncheck-marking "let java decide optimal values" Minecraft will not start. Please help!
  10. IOnlyWantCrazyCraft

    IOnlyWantCrazyCraft New Member

    Whenever I load it up, it freezes and crashes on 5/7 on the top bar. Please help. I really want to try out CC 3.0
  11. McEvilJohn

    McEvilJohn VoidsWrath Modpack Overseer Staff Member

    Check your console or post a crash report in a new thread please :).
  12. McEvilJohn

    McEvilJohn VoidsWrath Modpack Overseer Staff Member

    Top right hand corner press the settings icon next to "x" and then press options. Just write the amount of memory you want allocated into your launcher
  13. McEvilJohn

    McEvilJohn VoidsWrath Modpack Overseer Staff Member

    If you guys have any problem, make a thread instead of commenting!! You become more noticed and replied faster.
  14. DylanHackedByVoid

    DylanHackedByVoid New Member

    Do u mind telling me how i can fckin login to my premuim acc becuse voidlauncher crazycraft fucked it up
  15. McEvilJohn

    McEvilJohn VoidsWrath Modpack Overseer Staff Member

    Contact Mojang if any issues occur. Next time you swear you will get warned.
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    LCRODBZ New Member

    Can anyone help me? Crazy Craft is just really laggy and freezes like every 5 seconds. I have java 8, my clouds are off, I put the frames on unlimited, and put graphics to fast but it is still extremely laggy.
    EDIT: BTW I have a mac
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  17. crazyguygonemad

    crazyguygonemad New Member

    I can't see any of the modpacks in the launcher. Any tips?
  18. I can get it I have Ben trying for 3 days it puts me in the game and when I move it crashes please help
  19. Sawtooth44

    Sawtooth44 Unpaid moderator Staff Member Voidlauncher Support

    make a thread and post the crash report
  20. It won't let me do that eaither but can you tell me how to use the 3 bars on each side of the screen like how to switch to them

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