Couple Problems

Discussion in 'Crusader Craft' started by Michael Edwards, May 9, 2016.

  1. Michael Edwards

    Michael Edwards New Member

    Just got the updated version of CrusaderCraft and encountered a couple problems. Not sure if these are intended, or if I have some options set wrong, or if they're actual bugs. First is that I can't turn on the minimap. There doesn't seem to be an option to turn it on and when I change it's position it keeps resetting itself back to 'Unchanged'

    Also, when I open my inventory I get two sets of tabs across the top that are overlapping each other. One set is for inventory, armour, and dual weapons, but there's another set for inventory, quests, and factions. i can click on the first set, but not the second.
  2. MarkJustDropIt

    MarkJustDropIt New Member

    It just a bug sometimes with two conflicting mods. I would just play it the way it is or wait for it to be fixed.

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