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  1. missHPfan2

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    I didn't know you could set that to a percentage. Huh. Maybe I should try that. And a little tip for allocating RAM: Don't let Java decide the values. It will ALWAYS set the max to a gig.
    And does anyone know how to get rid of that godawful Mapwriter mod and swap it with Journeymap? It doesn't show up in the mods folder so I can delete it. It cuts my FPS like nothing else, and the Utopia dimension is unplayably laggy with it on. Turning down the mod's settings helped a bit, but trying to install a version of Journeymap I had sitting around didn't work. Apparently CC's version of Forge is too old for it.
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  2. Sawtooth44

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    mapwriter is not the sorce of the lag, its the youtuber mods and mapwriter is attached to another mod now
    as for wanting to use journymap you dont use the most resent version, slowly go back versions till it works
  3. missHPfan2

    missHPfan2 New Member

    I've played packs with it and they used to lag to complete hell unless the minimap was disabled. On a comp I used to use, achievements would cut my FPS for whatever reason. When I tried a pack with Mapwriter, I got the same, unplayable lag, except it wouldn't go away until I figured out how to disable the minimap. It's not as bad on my new one, though.
    Any ideas for the Utopia world's lag? It and the village world are super laggy despite disabling the minimap, and I have a pretty decent comp now. I just want to find one of those goodness trees, and maybe the Queen's tree as well. I've never seen the latter up close, but if it has as much amethyst as I hope it does... Purple castle, here I come!
    Oh, and if I approach a goodness tree in Peaceful mode, will the King spawn and then get instantly despawned, or will he hold off till I switch out of Peaceful?
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  4. Cjtc34

    Cjtc34 New Member

    Hello, I know this is most probably the wrong place to ask this and I'll get in trouble but I'm desperate, I need to get my son a PC for his birthday and the only request is that he can play crazy craft, but I'm not a computer person and haven't a clue what specs to look for to be able to run it so could someone please let me know what the minimum specs needed to run it smoothly. I've tried searching and asking but I'm on my phone and if it's there I can't find it, sorry again for posting in here but I'm running out of time thanks in advance
  5. missHPfan2

    missHPfan2 New Member

    Well, as for the processor, I'd recommend at least an Intel i5 or similar (idk the AMD equivalent). You'll definitely want a graphics card. Go for one with at least 2 gigs of memory. You'll want 4 gigs of RAM at the very least. 6 is best for MC. It can be given a certain amount of RAM to use, and this should not be set above 4 gigs, as the game gets sloppy with how it manages it, slowing it down.
    You won't find a PC like that in most stores. You'd have to build one, which is cheaper anyway. Store-bought computers usually don't have graphics cards, and instead use the built-in graphics on the motherboard. These PCs from stores are usually called "living room computers" because they're not good for much besides basic uses and usually end up in the living room.

    And does anyone have any idea why Utopia and the village world lag so much? Everything else is fine, but those two worlds are unplayably laggy, even when I'm not generating new chunks. If it's somehow the maze mod, which I highly doubt it is since the mazes don't generate in those worlds, how do I remove it?
    And what happens if I go up to a goodness tree in peaceful mode? Does the King wait until I'm not in peaceful to spawn or does he spawn, then instantly despawn? (asking again cause no one will see my last post)
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  6. Sawtooth44

    Sawtooth44 Moderator Staff Member Voidlauncher Support

    its best to talk to someone that knows how to make custom PCs

    with CC3 and running it a better rig will make it run better, everyone has problems with it
  7. Cpt. Epicfail

    Cpt. Epicfail New Member

    The thing is though, that when i do lag, it doesn't reach 100% so i'm assuming that have enough memory?
  8. missHPfan2

    missHPfan2 New Member

    If it gets to around 80%, lags, then goes down and repeats every so often, you need to allocate more RAM. It'll also lag if you're using integrated graphics or a low-end graphics card.
  9. Horras64

    Horras64 New Member

    I experience blog lag for some reason. I have optifine, and can't allocate any more ram. Anybody know how to fix it?
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  10. missHPfan2

    missHPfan2 New Member

    Block lag comes and goes. I haven't found a way to fix it. Maybe Google causes of it and try using Opis? That mod helps nail down the causes of server lag, whether integrated or not.
  11. UntamedKing

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    I have a question, can you get crazy craft 3.0.2 on Asus ROG Strix GL502 laptops or Alienware 13 R3 laptops?
  12. Shazer

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    I can create a world but not load a world plz help
  13. Shazer

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    Fast Craft crashes Crazy Craft

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