Crazy Craft 3.0 Is Going To Be Crazy Craft You've Never Seen Before!

Discussion in 'Crazy Craft 3.0' started by CODKamper, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. CODKamper

    CODKamper New Member

    If you didn't know there's going to be Crazy Craft 3.0! Here's a few vids about Crazy Craft 3.0!

    Watch them and see what's it about!

    BOOMDIGGADY New Member

    Their so lucky they can play early,I wish I was them
  3. McEvilJohn

    McEvilJohn VoidsWrath Modpack Overseer Staff Member

    It does indeed look like a good modpack.
  4. Hipnokill

    Hipnokill Member

    I remember this craziness... Wohoooo!

    I think it will be epic series on youtube too!
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  5. Porkchopp

    Porkchopp Member

    I love CrazyCraft it's my favorite mod pack ever because it's got a ton of crazy mods and, well , it's just got the name crazy in it. So guys keep loving the craziness and keep liking on CrazyCraft
  6. Luke Smolders

    Luke Smolders New Member

    I wonder how they make modpacks with so many mod in onje theme. every time i do it I end up having to make something else because I can't find enough mods for that theme.
  7. DeathDevilSG

    DeathDevilSG New Member

    Crazy Craft 3.0 is gonna be the Craziest
  8. Steven_Bills08

    Steven_Bills08 New Member

    SO EXCITED!!!!!!! #CrazyCraft3.0
  9. blueslimedj

    blueslimedj New Member

  10. Jarve

    Jarve Member

    3.0 is gonna be epicccc so much new stuff to find and explore, you know the deal haha
  11. TheDiamondCraft

    TheDiamondCraft New Member

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