Crazy Craft 3.0 Not Working

Discussion in 'General' started by Liam_Ingall, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. Dezinator

    Dezinator New Member

    ive had the same problem where ive had to install forge and change my java and all that stuff, ui have overcome many problems, which took forever, and now I have come to this one, where I go to install crazycraft and it gets to 2/7, 22/64, and then it just stops and says "not responding", and I cant fix it, can someone please help ive been trying to play crazycraft for months now and its getting very frustrating!!! Thanks
  2. LittleWrath

    LittleWrath New Member

    after the home screen on crazy craft 3.0 I press singleplayer, go to my server, and then when it starts to load it shuts down and says external minecraft crash bug
  3. Mr Potato Zan

    Mr Potato Zan New Member

    have you got the problem solved?
  4. Help

    Help New Member

    Can someone plz help me I bought minecraft for crazy craft and I can't play it I've done nrly everything when I press play it just says loading mod pack 0% and afTer a few minutes it minimises my webs and Thts it what do I do plz help me
  5. samturk

    samturk New Member

    im on windows 10 and when i try to open it just shows the void launcher thingy and closes no screens or enything help

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