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Discussion in 'Create Your Own Server' started by Chappie_XD, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. Chappie_XD

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    So i am working on getting a CC3 server started. Everything works great uptill i try to pre-gen the overworld map to reduce the lag which is being done with WorldBoarder, but every time i start the process it uses up all the ram before it gets past the first 30 chunks. If anyone can help me out with this that would be great!

    Ram 4GB
    20GB SSD
    CC3 Server mod pack
  2. Sawtooth44

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  3. Chappie_XD

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    That worked! Thanks much appreciated!

    Now I have added forge essentials to my server and and am trying to set permissions on the server. I am going to have it open so anyone can join but i would like to add a few levels for the people that join and a way that they automatically are set as guests. so a little break down of what i mean

    Level of player: commands given to them

    Guests: /spawn, /home, /set home, /unstuck, /kit - Starter, and a way to show them given commands without all the detail shown to OPs

    Members: /spawn, /home, /set home, /unstuck, kit - Starter & Member, /back, /top, /jump, /tp, and a way to show them given commands without all the detail shown to OPs

    OPs: use of all commands.

    And from there i also have a spawning town which i would like to set up so others can not break blocks, place block, open doors, keep fires from starting from either player or environment, no water placement, and keep mobs of all forms from spawning.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, if any one that would like to help me with this server in terms of setting it up please let me know.
  4. ubaydisturbo

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    i can not get crazy craft in minecraft
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  5. Nitrodelta

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    hey chappie I could help you set up a server if you would like cause I have helped alot of people in the crazycraft 3.0 is alive section and I would like to be part of a crazy craft 3.0 server
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  6. ubaydisturbo

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  7. ubaydisturbo

    ubaydisturbo New Member

    but I have java saying that it not working for so reason
  8. Wolfet101

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    I can't even download it!! : {
  9. ubaydisturbo

    ubaydisturbo New Member

    lol same I did it but it not working but love crazy craft:) is ok I tell u how to download and well tell u how because of java ok

    bye I see u later ok? :p:D:);)

    I playing minecraft now bye :)

    well seeing theatlanticcraft playing crazy craft on minecraft bye now!
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  11. jakobclimpson

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    hey can i please join server?
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