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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cody Maverick, Aug 26, 2016.

By Cody Maverick on Aug 26, 2016 at 1:37 AM
  1. Cody Maverick

    Cody Maverick Administrator Voidlauncher Support

    Hey guys Cody here! I have been actively looking for feedback on a possible Crazy Craft light.
    We want your guys feedback and if this is something you would like to see.

    Crazy Craft Light
    This modpack would be very similar to crazy craft just a lighter version with many optimization changes to make it playable for people with lower end PCs. When playing minecraft it is very hard to use a lot of mods as it stresses your PC the more you add mods. Also there are people who don't have a 64 bit PC and this crazy craft light version might be the outlet for them to use.

    The modpack would still have the feel of crazy craft but there might be things like world generation deactivated. That would mean there wouldn't be certain dungeons or structures spawning. We would prob reduce the mods by 1/3rd of the crazy craft 3.0 list.

    We are very excited to bring you guys something you want! Please let us know by commenting and leaving a pole. Also make sure to comment your favorite mod you want included in crazy craft light.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cody Maverick, Aug 26, 2016.

    1. ArticNyanFox
      i really like the mocreachers mod sorry if i misspend it
    2. Cody Maverick
      Cody Maverick
      yeah thats a great mod. Sadly they don't allow it in modpacks. Also we are looking to remove some mods to make a fast version
    3. ArticNyanFox
      Ok but is there any way to keep the morph mod if able
    4. jeffisLyFe
      can you help me with the downloading process for crazy craft 3,it says that it could not create the java virtual machine PLZ
    5. Parry the Jayro
      Parry the Jayro
      How do you signup
    6. Parry the Jayro
      Parry the Jayro
      I was the superhero armor mod pack please and thank you.
    7. ItsYBC
      Cody you should start advertising the servers in your videos again, it'll end up making you more money off the servers and it would make the servers more fun for everyone playing on them. Hopefully you can get this done, because otherwise the servers are basically useless.
    8. FaZe_Fan
      Hey cody for some reason my acount on voids wrath is not confirmed when it is
    9. FaZe_Fan
    10. IronStevie
      I feel like this Crazy Craft light idea would be awesome for Minecraft YouTubers :) I would DEFINITELY download this if it ever became a thing!
    11. Rascal4513
    12. Darkkoward
      I need help I already have minecraft but it says i have to download it
    13. iHasABucket
      Add Optifine, it'll reduce the lag, and also, in Crazycraft 3.0, all my data is reset, mainly the VOIDLAUNCHER lags, when I select remember me, it won't!
    14. kristi1980
      A light version would be awesome for people who don't have the specs to run regular CrazyCraft. I have a computer with the capabilities for regular CrazyCraft, but I even sometimes have trouble. When I play, I have to make sure all background files are closed and it is the only thing running.
      But I think a light version would be pretty cool.
      I also think maybe you could add some sort of texture pack to make it a little less "vanilla" minecraft. (Just my opinion.)
    15. Starcool
      i want to daownlowd. how
    16. joeya100
      can you have the updated tardis mod in it and update the tardis mod in the full one.
    17. EpicNeonFire21
      Hey Cody is there anyway you can make a crazy craft for mcpe and an easier way to get Pokemon for mcpe

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