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Discussion in 'Crazy Craft 2.0 Server' started by voidswrath, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. voidswrath

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    The Crazy Craft server is all about craziness! You will join either our survival server, factions server or sky wars servers! Take down bosses, dungeons and even get the chance to do this all with your best friend in this wacky mod pack! There are over 30 bosses in this mod pack and along with that there are some amazing weapons and tools like hoverboards! Whether your playing factions or survival this server will amaze you. At spawn there is an npc bank, npc shop and even some mob spawners to get some easy vanilla minecraft loot! Our skywars server is 100% unique and has some amazing custom maps with modded items in the chest and even get the chance to make yourself a big bertha in one of the skywars maps!


    How To Join
    1. Download the Launcher
    2. Unzip the java program from the winrar file
    3. Click the void launcher program and load it up
    4. Go to the Mod packs tab and find Crazy Craft 2.2
    5. Load the mod pack up and hit the official server button
    6. Enjoy!
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  2. DaggerWrath

    DaggerWrath Moderator Staff Member

    Come join your friendly Mod on Survival :3
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  3. slendermelon

    slendermelon New Member

    so do we still have to buy lucky blocks or can we make them now?just curious not meaning to be rude
  4. Lucas Doan

    Lucas Doan Moderator Staff Member

    Join us on the server :)
  5. chuckles101x

    chuckles101x Moderator Staff Member

    You still have to buy them. But the server is still a blast nonetheless.
  6. cj1111

    cj1111 New Member

    if the server says..."bad login"..what should i do?
  7. chuckles101x

    chuckles101x Moderator Staff Member

    Exit the game completely and relaunch it, that should fix the problem.
  8. Sawtooth44

    Sawtooth44 Moderator Staff Member Voidlauncher Support

    no it was just his account isent premium
  9. cj1111

    cj1111 New Member

  10. Ewout

    Ewout New Member

    not always i have it sometimes too
  11. chuckles101x

    chuckles101x Moderator Staff Member

    Closing the game and relaunching it should fix it if you have a premium minecraft account.
  12. Ewout

    Ewout New Member

    yeah ik
  13. lolmasta

    lolmasta New Member

    read time out does anywhone els get this error or is it just me?
  14. WeeChaza

    WeeChaza Moderator Staff Member

    Thats just the server crashing (probably), I sometimes get this issue, but it works eventually.
  15. chuckles101x

    chuckles101x Moderator Staff Member

    Actually, the server is currently down. It should be back up soon, so please wait patiently.
  16. charlesbagdasarian

    charlesbagdasarian New Member

    i cant login correctly on voidlauncher
  17. chuckles101x

    chuckles101x Moderator Staff Member

    Can you be more specific? Also are you sure you entered your information correctly?
  18. WeeChaza

    WeeChaza Moderator Staff Member

    Is your minecraft account premuim?
  19. WeeChaza

    WeeChaza Moderator Staff Member

  20. iFearASquid

    iFearASquid New Member

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