Crazycraft Crashes On Mac..

Discussion in 'Crazy Craft 3.0' started by CyClopz, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. CyClopz

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    It appears i can't start up crazy craft on my laptop, it crashes before minecraft application start up.
    Laptop : mac book air 2013 or 14, i5, 4gb, ssd.
    I removed some addons : decoration.jar, maze.jar and youtubers+.jar. I red in other posts it might help.
    I tried to increase ram amount available for launcher, through little gear at the top right corner of launcher. But its not functioning as intended. max i could give was 500-1500mb.
    I have jre 8 and jdk8 installed.
    I attached log that i saved from void launchers console.
    Let me know if you need any information.
    Please help me out here i'm trying to sort it for past few days.


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  2. CyClopz

    CyClopz New Member

    I got it sorted.
  3. Charlie Rodriguez

    Charlie Rodriguez New Member

  4. CyClopz

    CyClopz New Member

    Hi, my problem was, that i could not allocate 2gb of ram to void launcher. I think its because launcher is not allowed to take more ram then there's free at the moment. But its absolutely fine to give more, i think because unix like os has swap. So i just didn't use voidlauncher. Try technic launcher but it has only crazy craft 3.0.0. It allows u to set more ram, but it didn't work for me. So i done it through original minecraft, created forge profile 1.7.10. Copied mods from crazy craft mod folder in to minecraft mod folder and in launcher profile edit added arguments -Xms1G -Xmx2G. Let me know if you didn't do mods through mincraft forge before, i'll send you a link to video that i used. I recommend deleting decorate.jar it makes my mac crash on world creation.
  5. Charlie Rodriguez

    Charlie Rodriguez New Member

    i haven't can i please get the video thanks
  6. CyClopz

    CyClopz New Member

    once you do what is to be done in this video.
    you still need to edit forge profile with -Xsm1G -Xmx-2G in minecraft launcher.
    and from current install of crazy craft (that you should have installed) mods folder copy all files to original minecraft mod folder.
    and i recommend to back up both minecraft and crazycraft. just incase. gl.
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  7. Charlie Rodriguez

    Charlie Rodriguez New Member

    where can i get the mods
    i don't see them
  8. CyClopz

    CyClopz New Member

    what os are you using?
  9. Charlie Rodriguez

    Charlie Rodriguez New Member

  10. CyClopz

    CyClopz New Member

    go to finder. left click on go press alt or option key then library dir appears, press on that.
    theres "Application Support" folder, which contains both "minecraft" and "crazycraft". if you had them installed.
  11. BearShark

    BearShark New Member

    that didnt work for me
    it still wont open.
    it shows the java in the hotbar then it disapears and thats all.
  12. LouisaL

    LouisaL New Member

    mine kept crashing cuz I made a new world
  13. InkedMommy MC

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