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  1. CrazyChris

    CrazyChris New Member

    I was playing crazy craft 3.0 today and about every 2 seconds it will freeze for a moment and then i will got back to normal. This won't stop and i don't know how to fix it can someone please help!! Also i am on a mac. It would be greatly appreciated if anybody helps, thanks.
  2. What're your specs, and how much memory do you have allocated on the launcher? You can allocate more memory by clicking the settings gear in the top right of the launcher; however, it barely lets you allocate more than a gig for some odd reason/
  3. mystikalizza

    mystikalizza Member

    open .minecraft folder copy paste all the mods to mods folder and configs hats etc make sure you have a more recent forge but not latest mine crashed with latest. but this works for me and im currently playing with 3gb. i have 4gb ram and the launcher only goes to 1011mb max for me...
  4. CraftyMe

    CraftyMe New Member

    Im having the same problem have you found any fixes
  5. McEvilJohn

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    Create A support ticket so a experienced staff member can help you with this if the replies above have not solved your problem.
  6. CraftyMe

    CraftyMe New Member

    Ok Thanks.

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