Godzilla Shirt Giveaway #2

Discussion in 'Atlantic Craft' started by Cody Maverick, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. Minecrafting dwarf

    Minecrafting dwarf New Member

    HHS cod
    Hi Cody great vid
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  2. Wolfgirl7

    Wolfgirl7 New Member

    That's true but it went hurt to try right even though it might not work.
  3. Fan Gaming

    Fan Gaming Member

    I also have major problems with all those, Wolfgirl7. :)
  4. Wolfgirl7

    Wolfgirl7 New Member

    I know right I wonder why it is so hard to make them
  5. GlitchReaper

    GlitchReaper Member

    Who's the best person to talk to about becoming an official member of the Realms of Atlantis network? I think it would be good way for me to help out more.
  6. Wolfgirl7

    Wolfgirl7 New Member

    I say try if you can to talk to Cody about that.
  7. Fan Gaming

    Fan Gaming Member

    WolfGirl7, I don't know why?
  8. Wolfgirl7

    Wolfgirl7 New Member

    Fan Gaming, Maybe it's because of the details or maybe its something else.
  9. Sawtooth44

    Sawtooth44 Unpaid moderator Staff Member Voidlauncher Support

    only elegitable people would be the ones working with cody already such as mods and admins

    its best not to pester people

    and it would be pestering because already a ton of people have asked joe to come back
    just respect joes decision to live his life outside of youtube
  10. Fan Gaming

    Fan Gaming Member

    Yeah, that makes sense, Wolfgirl7.
  11. DeathToAll1000

    DeathToAll1000 New Member

    I can't wait until they kill Godzilla
  12. TheGoddess1989

    TheGoddess1989 New Member

    I know that's right, sure it makes Cody feel fantastic with people asking about Joe non stop.
  13. GlitchReaper

    GlitchReaper Member

    Then I guess I can just be an honorary part of the Realms of Atlantis on the sidelines for now. Maybe later then. Thanks for telling me who the in-crowd is anyway.
  14. Wolfgirl7

    Wolfgirl7 New Member

    I agree, I respect Joe's response but I/we want to say that we will respect what every he chooses and honor his digestwant.
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  15. Fan Gaming

    Fan Gaming Member

  16. Noisyboy

    Noisyboy New Member

    Lol, why does krakenkid keep losing his diamond armor :D / XD

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