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  1. mystikalizza

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    im confused about rules.. on a faction server generally things like raiding dont get you banned. while having mods such as ruins which generate chests etc. its difficult to tell if a player has made that building as their base.. also i lost several materials trying to craft items that seem to be banned.. this is fine i really dont care what items are banned but i want a list of these items so that i dont attempt to make them..
    also i bought a rank today and it seems i was moved back to crazies group in faction 3. now i dont care if you all think im ignorant but having the three rules be : be ethical , be respectful, use common sense.. i guess i have no common sense. because i still dont know what can get me banned. i am new to the minecraft community and a virtual baby newb when it comes to multiplayer. servers are all different. if i see something that says factions .. this gives me the idea its a faction vs faction type thing.. an all out war to be the top.. if thats not the case then please reply to me the rules of the faction server because i have screenshots of staff ignoring me and other players being extremely rude to me when i asked my questions in game..
    so far i was told three different answers from three different people so im assuming im not the only one with these questions since no one seems to have a definite answer . the only things im sure of are that i can be banned for spawning a boss near someones base and asking for a refund.. i have a screenshot of a staff member telling me this if its not true?
    so far i like the game, the modpack, the server. im just trying to find a comfortable place to play the game. so i would appreciate a reply to this msg with the correct list of rules and of what and what cannot get you banned on the server. and if the rules are different for each server.
  2. D34DLY

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    Alright good sir, when it comes to factions, things like raiding is allowed (atleast to my knowledge). But raiding however is not allowed on the survival servers. Just be nice to others and help out as much as you can, and you will have no problems. :]
  3. mystikalizza

    mystikalizza Member

    tysm for responding. is there a way i can see a list of all items banned for the factions server? i tried to make a couple items and lost the materials used when it said an item was blacklisted. i have tried looking for the command in /? instead of /help it seems 49 pages of aliases have been used i made it through about 20 of those pages and still could not find the command.
  4. grantg2004

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    d34ldy can u check out my thread on banned for no reason
  5. DaggerWrath

    DaggerWrath Moderator Staff Member

    We have recently come close to finishing our list of banned items.
  6. charlieflan

    charlieflan Moderator Staff Member

    Grant we have looked at it and we would appreciate it if you looked at the responses.
  7. denis10

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    Hey,i installed the laucher and i need premium account,but i dont have one,i try to download server but if i run the laucher its crash,it say i have some errored mods,please help me!
  8. Sawtooth44

    Sawtooth44 Moderator Staff Member Voidlauncher Support

    Adam Savage: well theres your problem
    Sawtooth44: "i need premium account,but i dont have one" indeed thats the problem
  9. WeeChaza

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    You need a premium account to play online, if you dont have a premium account you automatically get made to play offline. Hence why your server isn't working.
  10. mystikalizza

    mystikalizza Member

    lmao and back to the original topic of this post (ps. i just love post hijacking.. makes me feel all warm and fuzzies inside) if i could get a link to that blacklist i would really love it. i havent played cc2 in a while and im looking forward to it..
  11. JordandaBVling

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    I keep trying to login to voidswrath but it keep saying that invalid username/Password combination and its not incorrect please help me
  12. McEvilJohn

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    Create your own thread.

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