Hi I Had An Idea For A Super Hero Mseries You Guys Could Do. It Could Be Like Dreamcraft

Discussion in 'Create Your Own Mod Packs' started by Redbat11, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. Redbat11

    Redbat11 New Member

    1. Project Super human mod
    2. Carpenters blocks mod
    3. Chisel mod
    4. Mr.Crayfishes furniture mod
    5. Not enough items
    6. Auto blocks mod
    7. Witchery mod
    8. Food plus mod
    9. Way points
    10. Biomes o’ Plenty mod
    11. Artifice mod
    12. Morph mod
    13. Open blocks mod
    14. Secret rooms mod
    15. Minions mod
    16. Bibliocraft mod
    17. Better Storage mod
    18. Waila mod
    19. Custom NPC mod
    20. Auto Blocks mod
    21. Archimedes ships mod
    22. Random things mod
    23. Nether X mod
    24. Hardcore ender expansion mod
    25. Extreme weather mod
    26. Natural disasters mod
    27. Blokkit mod
    28. Mo’ villagers mod
    29. Botania mod
    30. Deconstruction table mod
    31. Battle towers mod
    32. Treecapitator mod
    33. Ruins mod
    34. Lots O Mobs mod
    35. Animated players mod
    36. Reis minimaps mod
    37. Legendary beasts mod
    38. Damage indicator mod
    39. Lyncanites mod
    40. Special mobs mod
    41. Light Bridges and doors mod
    42. Enchanced Portals 2 mod
    43. Mekanism mod
    44. Waypoints mod’Minefactory re loadedRandom things mod
    45. Project: Red mod
    46. Statues mod
    47. Galactic craft mod
    48. Advanced genetics mod
    49. Hats mod
    50. Thermal expansion
    51. Dubstep gun mod
    52. Witchery mod
    53. Bibliocraft mod
    54. Buildcraft mod
    55. Ender storage mod
    56. Computer craft mod
    57. Iron Chest mod
    58. Minefactory reloaded mod
    59. Applied Energistics mod
    60. Modular Powersuits mod
    61. Atomic science mod mod
    62. Compact Solars mod
    63. Ender tech mod
    64. Extra utilities mod
    65. Minions mod
    66. Factorization mod
    67. Industrialcraft 2 mod
    68. Gravity gun mod
    69. Mtant creatures mod
    70. Rival rebels mod
    71. Troll mod
    72. Star miner mod
    73. Lucky blocks mod
    74. Lucky drinks mod
    75. Base defense mod
    76. Security Craft mod
    77. Flans mod(Modern warfare/Simple parts/Future Craft/Manus Civil/Titan/Monolith)
    78. Secret Agents mod
    79. Satellite rocket mod
    80. Too much TNT mod
      Its a little big but this way you could remove what you don't like. I think you might like the Project superhuman mod but if you don t replace it with superheroes unlimited. It could be fun for you and your viewers since your channel seems to be based on a few good movie series. I mean you have done Jurassic park a combo of Star wars with little bit of Alien and predator, Lord of the rings , the maze runner and How top train your dragon so why not expand to Marvel and DC. the feel of this mudpack is superheroes or villains depending on your approach and just tech inside cool lairs you can make. I believe that the atlantians will enjoy this if it becomes a series. My one request is that I can be the series first atlantian of the day and get credit for giving this idea.

    1. Thankyou,

    1. Redbat11

    1. P.S Im a huge fan of your series. The stories you make with them are a great and original touch
  2. Sawtooth44

    Sawtooth44 Unpaid moderator Staff Member Voidlauncher Support

    heroes arent realy Codys thing
    he ends up the bad guy by choice

    i can suggest a series by anuther youtuber that is about superheros, but i will divulge into that in a PM

    also this modpack dosent have the feel of Super Hero, more random then anything
  3. Ariel Gabay

    Ariel Gabay Member

    Great list I made it on forge and it was a ton of fun would be great if released to the the public
  4. Ariel Gabay

    Ariel Gabay Member

    I didnt use some of the mods like thermal expansion but it was still fun
  5. DragonHeart

    DragonHeart New Member

    I like the idea and when i tested it out most mods were compatable i only had to change the coding of 3 i think
  6. Porkchopp

    Porkchopp Member

    that looks like a cool modpack you've made
  7. Prof.Block

    Prof.Block New Member

    I'd like it alot if they played this.

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