How Many Mods Do You Think Crazy Craft 3.0 Will Have

Discussion in 'Crazy Craft 2.0' started by Noah Gamble, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. Noah Gamble

    Noah Gamble New Member

    There are about 100 mods in Crazy Craft 2.0. How many do you think there will be in Crazy Craft 3.0.
  2. mousey3568

    mousey3568 New Member

  3. kevsterstriker11

    kevsterstriker11 New Member

    I've heard it has about 60

    Minecraft gets a brand new Mod Pack and this is the Minecraft Crazy Craft 3.0 Mod Pack! This Minecraft mod pack redefines what crazy means! Crazy Craft has some of the craziest mods ever seen in Minecraft with over 60 mods!
    I found that in the description of TheAtlanticCraft's Episode one of Crazy Craft 3.0 Alpha testing video here's the link if you don't believe me
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  4. Sumadu

    Sumadu Member

    Join the beta testing and find out
  5. Lsbeast123

    Lsbeast123 Member

  6. Joey.coolman

    Joey.coolman New Member

  7. Jarve

    Jarve Member

    There are over 60 new mods, so I assume anywhere from 150-250 depending, and it's still in Beta, so who knows what they may still be hiding ;)
  8. Zeno Ruttens

    Zeno Ruttens New Member

    I think 80-100 probably
  9. CompletedDiamond

    CompletedDiamond New Member

    Crazy craft 3.0 will had some of the mods in crazy craft 2.0 removed and added alot more so in sort terms the same mode s and more i forget how many mods 2.0 has but over 120
  10. MCFinestRed

    MCFinestRed New Member

  11. kevsterstriker11

    kevsterstriker11 New Member

    I hope Morph isn't removed

    I'd also like to see Tinkers Construct and Tinkers Mechworks added in.
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