How To Make Your Own Mod Pack Server

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    We have teamed up with McProHosting a server hosting company that now offers Voids Wrath mod packs that automatically install and are all setup for you and your friends to play. We worked closely with McProHosting for the past few months making a way that would make your minecraft experience even better. When playing a mod pack it takes a lot off your computer so instead of running your server off your computer and lagging your game get a server with mcprohosting to increase your game play. This allows for more friends to join your server and takes user error out of the question when setting up a mod pack server.
    How To Get a Mod Pack Server
    1. Head over to McProHosting and then type in your minecraft username
    2. Once your do that you can select yourself the voids wrath mod pack you want!
    3. The server will preinstall for you and get you playing with your friends in no time!
    Benefits of a McProHosting Mod Pack Server
    1. Takes all user errors when installing mod pack servers
    2. Allows your computer not to lag when playing the mod pack without having to run a server
    3. More Friends can join you in your adventures
    4. They get you the right server that is powerful enough to run the mod packs with ease
    5. 25% off with clicking this link
  2. Crydraco

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    Can we have a tutorial to create his own custom server please ? :D
  3. Sawtooth44

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    search it up on youtube
  4. Crydraco

    Crydraco New Member

    Yes i researched it on youtube but i can't found the solution to my problem. i try to follow the tuto to create a forge server but i have this error when i launch "Run.bat". I don't know if it's the good place to post this, i can't see what i 've to do.

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  5. WeeChaza

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    Did you do all of the steps in the tutorial?
  6. Crydraco

    Crydraco New Member

    Okay it was just an incompatibility problems between solo mods and multi mods, nevertheless thanks you. (You can delete this thread) (Resolved)
  7. Sawtooth44

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    no we cant
    for you dident make this thread
  8. Doesn't having your a promoted server cost money each month?
  9. Sofi223b

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    i can make my own server and portforward it but every time I try to put mods like pixelmon in it it just crashes what to do?
  10. Sawtooth44

    Sawtooth44 Moderator Staff Member Voidlauncher Support

    make a thread and post the crash report there
  11. 17minerboy

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    Stealing my thing now lol.
  12. Sawtooth44

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    i was here before you
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  13. DanielFraJylland

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    Everyone in here was a big help for me, thanks!
  14. 17minerboy

    17minerboy Member

    Yep no problem man glad to help. :D
  15. epic_dodo

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    brillant! at last i have my own modded sever :)
  16. Sawtooth44

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    *hits you with staff*
  17. AfterHourz

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    Once I try to download this I cant wait to make my own server
  18. FearUchihaMadara

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