How To Report For Scamming And Rule Breakers

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    This is just a quick tutorial on how to report someone whether it be scamming or rule breaking.

    If you see someone breaking the rules or someone has broken a rule relating to you, the first thing you need to think about is the evidence. Screaming to the admins that you just go tp killed or scammed is not going to solve anything. To start out, you need to take adequate screenshots of the player breaking the rules. The button for screenshots is F2 for those of you that do not know. Videos are also a great source of evidence is you have recording software. Below are the steps on how to Post the evidence.

    Posting Evidence on the forums

    Once you have written the summary of what happened, you need to follow a couple steps in order to get the evidence on the forums.

    Step 1:
    Click the green button under the posting area that says "Upload A File". Once you do this, a small window will open up. You will see a bar at the top of the page that says something around this "C:\Users\Adam\AppData\Roaming\.voidswrath\screenshots", it can vary thought.

    Step 2:
    Once you see this bar, you go to you run bar and type in %appdata%. Once you do this, another box will open up that looks similar to the one when you click "Upload A File".
    You need to then look for a folder called (.voidswrath), then click on that top open it. Then you need to find the file that says Screenshots. Click this folder and remember the bar at the top that has that strand that says something around "C:\Users\Adam\AppData\Roaming\.voidswrath\screenshots"? You need to copy then you can close that out.

    Step 3:
    The last thing you need to do is take the strand that you copied and then click "Upload A File" again or not if it is already open. Click the bar at the top, Delete whats in it, then paste what you had copied from the other folder and hit enter. You should pop up to that folder with the screen shots in it. All you have to do is double click the screen shot from there and wait a minute for it to load up on the forums.

    -If you plan to do multiple screen shots, just Repeat step three from the part where it talks about double clicking since it should save to that folder when you click "Upload A File"

    I hope this is helpful to the voidswrath community! ~doger9887/Andrew
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    Most helpful guide
    My Brotherhood approves *thumbs up*
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    Completely agree with you on this one. :)
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    THANK YOU! This is a very detailed guide that must have taken a while. It is very helpful, thank you!

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