How To You Unban Items?

Discussion in 'Crazy Craft 2.0 Server' started by erkiki3, May 23, 2015.

  1. erkiki3

    erkiki3 New Member

    So i started my own server but i can´t craft items like chicken chest,iron furnace,backpacks and dolly.
    I downloaded the Crazy Craft 2.2 server pack.
    It seems that the items are banned, so how to you unban them?
    How can i fix that?

    Can anyone tell me as soon as possible plz.
  2. WeeChaza

    WeeChaza Moderator Staff Member

    They shouldn't be banned if you are hosting your own server..
  3. erkiki3

    erkiki3 New Member

    No i still cant craft them maybe its because i downloaded the server files from the homepage
  4. WeeChaza

    WeeChaza Moderator Staff Member

  5. GTxGokuu

    GTxGokuu New Member

    I figured it out in the mods folder for your server the mods arent actually added so if u add the mods manually then they work Hope this helps
  6. WeeChaza

    WeeChaza Moderator Staff Member

    Okay. :p

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