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Discussion in 'Help and Support' started by Epiclion15, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Epiclion15

    Epiclion15 New Member

    i finaly bought paladin but its been a day but i got on voidswrath to find i still had no rank so i dont know whats happening maybe you guys can give me the rank or something i have no clue but it would really make my day if i could get the rank well anyway i hope you guys are having a wonderful day
  2. Epiclion15

    Epiclion15 New Member

    oh yeah and i didnt get the link from the server moomookitty linked me the buycraft i dont know if that helps or something
  3. McEvilJohn

    McEvilJohn VoidsWrath Modpack Overseer Staff Member

    PM me the transaction ID. Thanks
  4. Epiclion15

    Epiclion15 New Member

    cant pete change it

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