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Discussion in 'Crusader Craft' started by mystikalizza, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. mystikalizza

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    i tried making a server for this .. so many problems came up..
    the village generation is messed up its like they were replaced with a schematic version and the changes from mods like tinkers are not added or just overwritten i dont know.. i found things from ancient warfare in the middle earth dimension such as the schematic village and the bandit camp in the desert biomes of harad and one of the river biomes. the smeltery gui keeps crashing my client and others whenever someone plays the game but i think this is actually due to a forge and tinkers error and can be fixed using the correct versions.. also the lakes and such are replaced with the mod liquid from ars magica and it needs to be more rare to find that enchanted water or just removed so that people can get the ars magica book from a kit or something.. its literally everywhere, did anyone actually make a successful server for this mod pack yet? if so i need some major pointers. and also so many mods do the same thing.. just the foods added to the game its a ridiculous amount i mean food is so not an issue you could basically just turn off hunger for a server or give everyone a feed command its that common.
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    ye crash?
    post the log
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    its already deleted because i figured i would just be told to go post on tinkers or forge, since the crash was concerning those. but i found the fix anyway for that i just had to use a different forge.
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  5. Greyhawk2112

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    I run a very small Crusadercraft server just for my family. I did run into a couple of problems along the way. First, I discovered that trying to equip the Illumination Foci from Thaumcraft crashed that person's client. I had to go in and edit the character files to remove the offending foci before that character could successfully join the server again. The second problem I encountered was that the core module for ancient warfare didn't come packaged in the original zip file for server set-up, so when people tried to make the initial research journal for AW, the server booted them off. Note that the core module for AW WAS present in the client installs... kind of odd. I have also had recurring problems with several mods getting deleted from the clients (though not recently). I have some of the Ars magica liquid present, but it is not prevalent as you describe. I haven't seen very many villages at all in either the overworld or in middle earth, and was kind of disappointed not to find pre-generated cities at locations like Bree, Orthanc, etc in middle earth.
    One other oddity: While you can plant and grow silverwood trees in middle earth, I haven't been able to grow mana beans there. Even setting up greatwood log arbors right next to the silverwood trees didn't work--I can't get the mana beans to "plant" on the bottom of the logs. Guess it doesn't fully convert middle earth biomes over to magical forest around the silverwood trees.
    Anyway, I'm happy to answer any questions and try to help you get your server running.

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