Im Going To Make A Crazycraft 2 Server So If You Want To Join Look In Thread

Discussion in 'Create Your Own Server' started by bumbo2988, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. bumbo2988

    bumbo2988 New Member

    so add me on skype my skype name is jack.hunt80 if you want to do a crazy craft server with me
  2. richestin

    richestin New Member

    What version is this? tell me pls so that I can be prepared.
  3. 21ledgendtnt

    21ledgendtnt New Member

    I would like to join but I don't have Skype
  4. bumbo2988

    bumbo2988 New Member

    make a skype account then it dont take long
  5. sniper

    sniper New Member

    i would like to join saidethe skype name is snipersadie
  6. Kilku

    Kilku New Member

    is your server still up
  7. Badagent24

    Badagent24 New Member

    i would like to join my skype name is badagent24

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