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Discussion in 'Jurassic Craft' started by TheTsunamiCraft, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. TheTsunamiCraft

    TheTsunamiCraft New Member

    Hello guys I'll make a JURASSIC CRAFT yt series at the new channel: THETSUANMICRAFT!
  2. Mordug iFebag

    Mordug iFebag New Member


    DRACOMINE New Member

    i saw it nice series dude keep on working hard
  4. DPH2001

    DPH2001 Member

    cool ! hope it turns out good
  5. cool I hope its a sucsess I to am thinking about starting a series Im still making crazycraft 2.2 videos though probably next week all start on it but i mightdo crazycraft 3.0 so maybe not

    DRACOMINE New Member

    you should make the series like crazy craft but dude your doing good

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