Im Not Playing Crazy Craft Anymore Read To Know What Happend :/

Discussion in 'Crazy Craft 3.0' started by zombieferengi, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. zombieferengi

    zombieferengi New Member

    My Game Crashed because I right clicked with the Quantum Crystal Monster Pet
    So Do Not right click with that Pet in Crazy Craft 3
    btw every time I rejoined my world it crashed again I did create a save
    but I thought if I rejoined my world it wouldn't crash so I deleted my old save and replaced it with the crashing one
  2. Riskable

    Riskable Member

    Things like this can happen with all the unstable/work-in-progress mods included with Crazy Craft 3.0. I suggest everyone add the AromaBackup mod which backs up your world every 30 minutes. So if something corrupts your world (like that pet) or destroys your world like a Lucky Block spawning The King you can always just recover from a backup (just remove your world and unzip the backup to replace it). All you ever lose is 30 minutes of your time :)
  3. Arthatar

    Arthatar New Member

    if you edit mod and delete and reinstall inventory pet mod it should work :)
  4. Kasanii

    Kasanii Member

    Your world must be corrupted, I'm sorry.
    If the error occurs with a new world try to delete the whole .crazycraft3 folder. When restalling it only reinstalls the mods & configs.
  5. CDog821

    CDog821 New Member

    Don't create a hoverboard either... my world is gone
  6. DragonFlame117

    DragonFlame117 New Member

    Yeah i saw someone spawn 14 kings and his whole game doesn't work no more lol

    1st Step : Get CrazyCraft
    2nd Step: Spawn a king
    3rd Step: Die from the king 20 times
    4th Step: Never play again

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  7. Elijahowens

    Elijahowens New Member

  8. Kasanii

    Kasanii Member

    I had no problems with the hoverboard. I guess you just got unlucky. Sometimes things go wrong for people but that doesn't mean it will go wrong for everyone.

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