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    This is information that all players on the official crazycraft server need to know, and should know.

    If you use battle gear (dual wield) and you lose the items in your bg slots, we will not replace said items, you use bg at your own risk.

    The in game shop and banks are located at /spawn behind the throne. This is were you spend your in game $.

    Keepinventory is active ONLY in the overworld, which is the dimension that spawn is in.

    The royalty (king, queen, prince, and princess) CANNOT be spawned in the overworld, you can spawn them in any other dimension.

    The only way to get superhero ores is to kill the king.

    You cannot make a chicken chest or use duplicator trees.

    You cannot craft lucky blocks. Trade with other players, kill the king, or buy a lucky kit from /buy.

    Things found in /buy cost real money, and the prices are in US dollars.

    To get out of spawn you walk in a straight line until you see the crazy store npc, you then go down the staircase on either side of that npc, then walk past the mob spawners and up the staircase on the other end of the spawners. From there just simply walk a bit farther and you will be outside the protected region around spawn.

    Do not change your minecraft username, as this will make you lose everything you have and you will have to essentially restart.
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    good to know

    thx didnt know that
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    Thank you for the tips and help!
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    Can be understanded
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    some of that confunsing
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    What exactly is confusing about this?

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