Jesusxisxking And Me Have Been Framed

Discussion in 'Help and Support' started by Jagger, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. Jagger

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    JESUSxISxKING and me (xELITExMADNESS) was framed by TehepicSkeleton and got banned because We were in creative but because of TehEpicSkeleton. We were just going stuff I was trying to get a rupee shickaxe and Jesus ask TehEpicSkeleon for help and so did I. But TehEpicSkeleton just gave JESUS his stuff back but all I asked TehEpicSkeleton was why if your even 5 blocks above lava in angelic it would still kill you. Instead of answering he just gave me 4 super donor kits and like 7 Guild kits. We was being really nice and we thought it was okay because he was a admin. So Jesus and Me wanted to show him our cool mushroom biome island that took me about an hour to get to. He loved it, he put a 12x12 of diamond blocks on the ground for us and gave me /fly. That was when I thought something shady was happening but I went along with because I didn't know he was a fake. Than I showed him where I keep my extra sets of angelic and halite and bedrock armor and swords and a whole bunch of other cool stuff that I had before I ever met him. Than he left to go to sleep and so did we. Than later when we were on he came back on and gave us creative. He said because of how awesome and nice you are I will you have creative for a day. We did not Question it. So me and Jesus did everything we could to get stuff we redid our house and made a disco house and got all the armor and swords we could ask for. How was Me and JESUS were to know that we was a fake admin. Me and Jesus loved voids wrath before we ever met TehEpicSkeleton and to be banned because of a fake Admin breaks my heart. I am just asking that you help me and jesus rebuild our house and get some of the stuff that we had before TehEpicSkeleton got on. Please we really need help. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  2. Sinister

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    i got a super donator kit from him and got it taken away after i told staff

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