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Discussion in 'General' started by voidswrath, Apr 1, 2015.

By voidswrath on Apr 1, 2015 at 4:10 PM
  1. voidswrath

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    We are always looking for some strapping young lads to join our basement! We want some experienced minecrafters with a particular set of skills! We are going to be looking for some new support members, website developers, java developers, & more! So please stay tuned as we will be opening up applications to hire out for some new people to help out! Please create your job application and provide your own work in an organized fashion. More credentials you provide the better.
    Support Members
    Mod Pack Managers
    Website Developer
    Forum Moderators
    Forum Admins
    Mod Developers
    Mod Animator for Models
    Mod Texturer
    Experienced Server Admins
    Experienced Server Devs
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Discussion in 'General' started by voidswrath, Apr 1, 2015.

    1. Mike Worden
      Mike Worden
      Hello I am Michael Worden and I would like to fill the position of mod texture,mod development, or server admin. I play on most of the Atlantic Servers I have bought $150 worth of items on Nations. I am currently working on a mod by myself I havn't done to much only on spare time. But I am starting back up on it. I have textured all of my blocks, items , and mobs. I am also am working on a server that comes with a modpack. I live in Pennsylvania. I think I would be a very useful and good member to the team.
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    2. CoolKid505
      Hello I am CoolKid505 I would like to help with being a Fourms Admin I will be on all the time checking in and out:)
    3. Mike Worden
      Mike Worden
      Hey Cody its me again sending you the textures of some of my best items.

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    4. trollinger
      Hi my IGN is: trollinger i play on all your servers and almost all your modpacks i'd like to be a forum admin/moderator and ive actually been following you guys since i was 12 just keep up the good work!!! Also if its still available a server admin at CoC or CrazyCraft server..
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    5. clonefan00
    6. DaggerWrath
      I Would like to apply as an experienced server admin as i have been a trusted staff member on crazycraft for multiple months to the extent that i have received moderator status, i am quite well known on the forums as well as in game ( developed a sort of mini fanbase ) I have excellent managerial skills due to my studies as a hotel manager as well as owning multiple servers as well as one with fellow crazycraft staff members, i am extremely reasonable and trustworthy and i believe you can get reassurance from multiple pre-existing staff members.
    7. Sky_Inbound
      Hello, My name is sky i'm applying for Forum Moderators, i have respected all rules concerning Forum Moderators. I have played Voids Wrath for at least 2 years so i know how to work with people, issues, and I know the routine of being a Moderator in general. I'm not perfect but i try as hard as i can to Help others and Voids Wrath Forums. I'm reasonable and a dependable person, you can ask your server admin D34DLY_D14M0ND on Voids Wrath what kind of person i am. I talk to others as if they were my family, I am very colorful and i am a great builder when it comes to buildings, and ect. I hope you consider me to help this community grow stronger and better! From sky *My In game name is sky_inbound*
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    8. ryno0612
      My name is ryan collins, i would like to be a forum admin, support member or forum moderator for Voids Wrath
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    9. chuckles101x
      I would like to apply for mod/admin on the forums or on the servers. I have plenty of experience handling more mature roles, and I was the head admin on a public tekkit server. I'm really active being online almost every day on the crazycraft server and forums, where most of the staff knows and trusts me, as I try to help them out when they need an extra hand. If need be I can also lend a hand in testing out modpacks, as I have a knack for finding bug, glitches, and exploits, all of which I have immediately reported.
      -Kyle Williams
      known in game as
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    10. haydengamingyt
      hi! my name is haydengamingyt as you can see i whould like to sign up to be a server admin i have been a admin on 1.8 servers i play alot of minecraft so i know the drill so yeah thats all thanks and good bye
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    11. TheAtlanticfan
      hello cody and joe. id like to be anything thats available. im really good with electronics. thx for reading.
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    12. Skyhighjinks
      Hello, my name is Alex, and I'd like to be anything that's available, I can code simple in Java, but still learning, I am friendly towards other people and with Admin/Moderators I am very well organised! I can create Mod Packs.. ect.. If you would like anything else please msg me on Skype -- Alixx.Tig
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    13. GamingGhast
      Um... I Would like to be a Mod Pack Manager, I just want to say that i want to make Mod Packs for Void Launcher

      Thank you, If you want Personal Message go add me on Skype GamingGhast Entity3903 Thank you so much :)
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    14. Riku_Azhurlar
      hello. im a simple man but im quite proficent in java (not mc as of yet but shouldn't be to hard) proficient in javascript and html as well as a proficent minecrafter
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    15. Sawtooth44
      lets see from the list
      • Support Members: maybe
      • Mod Pack Managers: i make modpacks, seems like something i can do
      • Website Developer: no idea what im doing
      • Forum Moderators: i was asked to be admin by cody in the last forums
      • Forum Admins: i was asked to be admin by cody in the last forums
      • Mod Developers: noob (at least i gave it a shot)
      • Mod Animator for Models: no idea what im doing
      • Mod Texturer: i give it my best shot, i can create a base for another artist to add in things like shading (i am realy good at converting descriptions, artworks and game characters into skins)
      • Artists: im better at making textures than making artwork
      • Experienced Server Admins: not me
      • Experienced Server Devs: not me
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    16. LuckyLRH
      Hey Cody
      If you need artists I have experience in it and in Photoshop I would also love to help test different or new mod packs I am also an experienced server admin
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    17. Paul
      I will join every thing I'M in a gifted school in computer technology and art is one of my many hobbies
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    18. Alpha_Jake_Cedar
      Hello my name is Jacob and I was hoping to take up the job of Server Moderator or Forums Moderator I am very keen on doing one of the two for I'm moderately good at both I know the reqs. of the positions if you wish to contact me I can pm you my skype and we can talk. Thank you for allowing me one this chance to finally be able to help a larger community out and I hope I can come to be part of the Voids Launcher crew.
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    19. Jetix1997
      Hello i would like to take the job of Server Admin or Support members i am already part of the crazycraft server as a supporter so you can trust me but i also have lots of server admin experience due to owning server of my own some with mods and some with no mods so i know how to fix problems quick and sometimes easy i am always on skype so if you would like to talk about this add me and lets talk. Skype: sonnywardle
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