Jurassic Craft 2 Mega Crash

Discussion in 'Jurassic Craft' started by DJ_Marie, May 26, 2016.

  1. DJ_Marie

    DJ_Marie New Member

    I just downloaded the modpack and was able to create a new world however the entire world was perhaps 1 frame per minute. Extremely choppy and very laggy. I try to move around the world and for a little bit I can move despite the frames simply because I think I can make this work, but then the entire screen goes blank like a solid blue, or solid grey as if I'm staring up into the sky which I'm not. I decide to reinstall the pack and reload a new world and not even 2 minutes in that same screen comes up and the game crashes completely. This is single player worlds too haven't even tried servers yet. I'm not sure what is causing the crash though.

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