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  1. MustangSpeeder10

    MustangSpeeder10 New Member

    What new mobs will be added to 3.0?
  2. Sawtooth44

    Sawtooth44 Moderator Staff Member Voidlauncher Support

    go watch there videos
  3. Minecraftia_King

    Minecraftia_King New Member

    I love the new Mobs

    They are awesome
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  4. ipavo7

    ipavo7 New Member

    crabs i think
  5. Mordug iFebag

    Mordug iFebag New Member

  6. SuperLaserZanZ

    SuperLaserZanZ New Member

    I really wanna see what mobs are there once its out of beta
  7. Slay1124

    Slay1124 New Member

  8. 8014205

    8014205 New Member

    the mobs are powwerfull
  9. kuba0424

    kuba0424 Member



    mutant mobs

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  10. Jarve

    Jarve Member

    Loaddddsss of new Mobs, to really see different ones go watch The Atlantic Craft's videos and you can see all different kinds of mobs added

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