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Discussion in 'Help and Support' started by Sinister, Sep 26, 2015.

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    So this wil probably be another giant post by me, so get comfortable and read on.

    So one day i was playing voids wrath and i joined and someone said they spawn 3 bosses at /warp boss. I went there and helped kill a boss so then I got the drops insted of another person (not the one that spawned the boss) So I starting saying robbed, even though it wasn't "stealing" So Elmoooo decided to jump right on in and said "I hope you enjoy a temp-ban Sonostor" I then went on about how my base got raided and he did absolutly nothing about it. I then got temp-banned for a week and just a note, the person that I got the drops from (the one that spawned the bosses) basically said "Hey I have bosses on /warp boss!... Comeget some loot!" I would like my ban to be lifted, since I did not break the rule directly. And something to happen to Elmo. (Not to mention but he randomly killed me and caused me to lose 60 levels for NO DAMN REASON.)
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    1. You were at someone elses base and was stealing stuff cause u "think they stole and griefed your base" and caught redhanded when I tped to you
    2. You have NO proof that whoever raided you did it.
    3. You admitted yourself that you were griefing and stealing because u believed they raided you

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