My Crusadercraft Server To Play Together.

Discussion in 'Crusader Craft' started by TraxNinja20, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. TraxNinja20

    TraxNinja20 New Member

    Hey guys. I have a fellowship/crusadercraft server setup on my pc and I am inviting some people to play with me. I have skype, teamspeak, steam and discord. We can communicate any of these ways. You have to have a good PC if we will have a battle in middle earth. I really hope to play with someone and maybe record like AtlanticCraft did. I am 17 years old by the way :))

    Skype: TraxNinja20
    Steam: VikGames2016
  2. Jdman6

    Jdman6 New Member

    Very interested, been playing Crusadercraft for a while and very familiar with the mechanics send me the IP and I'll come check it out
  3. I am interested as well :D send the ip my way
  4. TraxNinja20

    TraxNinja20 New Member

    any way we can communicate with you?
    Facebook skype or anything

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