Need Help Making A Modpack!!!

Discussion in 'Create Your Own Server' started by Littlearticwolf, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. Ok so I need help making a mod pack I need any random person to tell me things like what mods I should use what name I should call it etc. ( yes i will give credit to the person that helps) I like the name Crash pack? I searched around and there were no modpacks called that

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  2. Im also planning on starting a team to make mods?
  3. Zech

    Zech Member

    you should use super hero armor mod
  4. mrchris100

    mrchris100 New Member

    superheroes unilimited for 1.7.10 and i will help you

    make mods if i can
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  5. TexCraftMine

    TexCraftMine New Member

    Hi id love to help you with your mod pack msg me on twitter my user is @JGregsn

    Hay can i be in your team ill wait your reply on twitter
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  6. Zech

    Zech Member

    ill help by giving you suggestions for some mods
  7. okie dookie lookie ok I dont use my twitter very often hopefuly I remember my login lol and yea the superheros unlimited mod is cool

    Yea thats a cool mod

    sure my twitter is @Articwolfmc I couldnt find you though sorry :(

    Yea cool awesome Im working on learning how to animate so I can make my own mod and Im pretty good at programming... I mean im better than my brother who made his own computer game and i pad app so yea.... ( i have never learned game programming yet)
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  8. Zech

    Zech Member

    cool i would love to know that stuff
  9. abbie_____

    abbie_____ New Member

    I can help if you want, are there any specific types of mods that you want like building mods or technical mods?
    One mod I highly suggest is Tinkers Construct, it is perfect for any type of mod pack:)

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