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Discussion in 'Player Reports' started by Sorute_, May 18, 2015.

  1. Sorute_

    Sorute_ New Member

    Today at 8.50 am, a player speak alone and don't respect rules 1

    Screen :

    Don't say it's a fake, you only don't need to know the coordinate and where i am ^^'

    2015-05-18_08.50.24.png 2015-05-18_08.52.25.png 2015-05-18_08.54.05.png 2015-05-18_08.56.42.png
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  2. doger9887

    doger9887 Active Member

    This is outstanding evidence, the staff will definitely be able to take action with this. Thanks for actively helping to keep the rules up as well by reporting. This is what you need to do now, go up to the tabs above and make a support ticket. It's pretty much the same as this, you could just copy and paste this if you want. For the department pick server support, Make it the same title as this if you wish and then create the ticket once you upload the screenshots with it. Thanks again! If you have any questions, feel free to ask on this post!
  3. McEvilJohn

    McEvilJohn VoidsWrath Modpack Overseer Staff Member

    I will make sure a moderator or admin of the voidswrath server to handle this.
  4. Azazyel Senpai

    Azazyel Senpai Moderator Staff Member

    look at the all mighty ban powers.
  5. Sawtooth44

    Sawtooth44 Moderator Staff Member Voidlauncher Support

    REALY wish we could ban that guys IP
  6. doger9887

    doger9887 Active Member

    He asked to be banned, so I guess he got what he wanted? Mission accomplished or no?
  7. Azazyel Senpai

    Azazyel Senpai Moderator Staff Member

    yup he got what he wanted.
  8. 34hulk

    34hulk New Member

  9. Pyrocraft

    Pyrocraft New Member

    wow, not only rude but also kinda creepy, it sounded as if they were talking to themself

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