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Discussion in 'Player Reports' started by doger9887, May 23, 2015.

  1. doger9887

    doger9887 Active Member

    I was in Blue PvP doing some small contest with players for prizes when Mr3liteSrafez99 Used the angelic glitch. Not only did this give him and unfair advantage, but it is against the rules. As usual, I am sure he will only get a warning, I just want him to know that he is not allowed to do it and that lying about not knowing it isn't allowed just made me lose a lot of respect for him. Thanks ~doger9887/Andrew

    Evidence Below

    The Evidence is to Large, but if it is needed, just tell me, Ill send it throught skype.
  2. D34DLY

    D34DLY Moderator Staff Member

    I shall try to keep an eye out for him/her. Thx :]
  3. WeeChaza

    WeeChaza Moderator Staff Member

    Send me the evidence through skype, I'm sure you have me on skype.

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