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Discussion in 'Create Your Own Server' started by Nitrodelta, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. Nitrodelta

    Nitrodelta New Member

    Hey I need help from someone who can help me port froward, I have looked up videos for it but they all come back to using my WiFi adapter to port forward but the company we receive internet from, I am not able to port forward from it so can someone please tell me and alternative way to port forward if there is one.
  2. MrODeath

    MrODeath Member

    Well as long as you can find your routers current model, who provides you with internet and the username and password to go into security you can use a small exe that will port forward for you http://www.simpleportforwarding.com/ (not sure if links are allowed in forums if not please tell me) if you need any help with using this although I port forward myself (do not use the exe) but can verify that this works as I have tested it I will attempt to help but the delay to the reply may be rather long. And if you want to port forward without this please tell me your internet provider then I will be happy to help as long as it is one that I have used before if not I will search up how to do it with the internet provider then see if I can help.

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