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  1. TheGamingDude

    TheGamingDude Member

    To all the mods if i do get access to Crazycraft 3.0 am i allowed to make a video on it for my channel?
  2. CoolKid505

    CoolKid505 Member

    This needs to go to support
  3. Hipnokill

    Hipnokill Member

    Yes you must get agree from Joe and cody
  4. Daemon_Angelum

    Daemon_Angelum Moderator Staff Member

    At the moment I don't know but if people are allowed I will pm you asap. ^
  5. mikeW3333

    mikeW3333 New Member

    how stable do you think this modpack will be?
  6. Minedbender

    Minedbender New Member

    depends on your computer, for laptops it maybe a little unstable and pro to crash but if you can get the settings correct it should be fine. If you have a good desktop then you should have no problem that is if the modpack is up to date and the world is not corrupt some how
  7. kuba0424

    kuba0424 Member

    what mods are there?

    how many people are going to record this?
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  8. Jarve

    Jarve Member

    Many people Im sure, of course TheAtlanticCraft and Tiny Turtle/ Little Lizard are some of the bigger channels that will be, but there's bound to be many many people who record it.
  9. IronCaptain101

    IronCaptain101 New Member

    Just to be safe, do not record until the modpack comes out to everyone. The people in charge are obviously allowed to. Just play it safe!
  10. Jarve

    Jarve Member

    For sure, recording the Beta stages of a ModPack without permission from Joe and Cody or any others can easily get you booted from the Beta Program and possible banned from the Forums.
  11. HarmandeepSingh

    HarmandeepSingh New Member

    Yes I mean I've seen other people do it so why can't you

    But some got banned so ask joe or cody
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