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Discussion in 'Dream Craft' started by AlfredHeflander, Jan 4, 2016.

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    I tried to help the other day by posting a clear and concise method by which DreamCraft2 users could load and play the mod pack via the vanilla minecraft launcher with a mix of Void Laucher and Forge installation.

    "Your thread Void Launcher Not Working For Dreamcraft2? Use Vanilla Mc Launcher Instead... was deleted. Reason: this is in the New FAQ"

    The New FAQ is not clear whatsoever on this point. It talks about CC3, not mod packs in general nor does it specifically mention the vanilla launcher. And especially no mention of DreamCraft2.

    I spent several hours working through various ways to get DreamCraft2 working with just the Void Launcher and none of them worked... hence my detailed post to help other people.

    Looking over the FAQ, I can only assume admin is referring to point 3-

    "3) CC3 being stubborn
    Only do this as a last resort for it also only works if all the files for CC3 are on your machine
    PC. "

    Which is then followed by 3 images of the vanilla launcher profile, but no explanation. Quite frankly, if I'm looking for an answer as to why DreamCraft is not loading, I'm not going to look at some thing to do with a different mod pack. I'm going to look in the forum devoted to that mod pack and look for answers there. There are several posts in the DC2 forum asking why, and not one response is helpful.

    In my post I gave precise steps on how to get the pack running. The FAQ is not clear in any way.
    As far as instructions go, it is poor, and the general help given on this entire site is poor. If you can see a way to make the FAQ actually useful by incorporating detailed instructions, understandable reasons or actual helpful information then I wouldn't be so petty over having my post deleted.

    I don't care if this new post gets deleted. I've been able to get DreamCraft working, and that is all that matters. I might one day give the custom Void Launcher a go again when the devs give it some time, or the admins on this Forum site take the time and write up relevant and useful instructions that actually explain things. But until then, I'm going to use the vanilla launcher. It works.

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    the 2 images is the instructons and they are universal for not just voidswrath modpacks but all modpacks
    CC3 is mearly the one that most people are having trying to use
    the only diference is the last part of the game files
    everything in the picture you mimic

    and just so you know, i deleated the last posts

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