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    As you know already, crazycraft is a modpack of joy and fun with different things to do all the time. As crazycraft 3.0 that hopefully approaches soon, I want to make sure newcomers know what to do on the server and certain problems we are currently trying to fix.

    Steps of what to do as a starter to crazycraft:

    1. You will start out at the crazycraft lobby, from there you can run to Factions or Survival Portals which will lead you out of the lobby into the survival/factions spawn.(Server options Factions1,2 or 3 and Survival 1,2,3)
    2. As you enter survival or factions, you will see that you have a starters kit (Iron armour and sword etc.) and in spawn. You cannot break the blocks at spawn nor place any.
    3. Read The Rules as you run out of spawn, if you do not read them and break the rules, we are not to blame for not telling you about it.
    4. If you cannot break blocks, it means you aren't quite out of spawn yet, just run past the spawners into the staircase that leads up into the wilderness. It is recommended to run further out of spawn to prevent being griefed, even though it isn't allowed in Survival people still do it, which if caught(PROOF NEEDED examples: screenshots or video), they will be banned.
    5. Start building and enjoy

    Problems we are working on
    As you noticed the crazycraft server is laggy constantly and the developer (Rich) is working to minimize the lag, so bear with us as we work through this issue. Second problem you will notice as you are playing is the server might restart to prevent the server from crashing and if the server isn't up, that means it has crashed and requires a restart. If this happens, all you need to do is /warp (crazy/factions 1/2/3 for example /warp crazy1 takes me back to survival 1). The third problem is we are working on is patching all glitches that might come up to you. Please don't tell anyone glitches you find to prevent the glitch to be out of control before we can stop it and /msg a staff member about it so they can help solve the problem. All other problems you need to be aware about on crazycraft can be found here.

    Not Launching?
    1. Try Reinstalling
    2. If Reinstalling fails, Go to %appdata% and go find the .crazycraft2 file and delete it permanently (That means deleting it also from the recycling bin)
    3. If none of the above works, create a support ticket where we can assist you further

    Staff Members Of This Server
    These Fellow Staff Members of mine have worked hard enforcing the rules and the development of crazycraft,
    Austinandkyle -Support Member
    McEvilJohn -Support Member
    Phantomwolfzero -Support Member
    Jetix1997 - Support Member
    Maddiestan1 - Support Member
    Weechaza - Support Member
    Daemon_Angelum- Support Member
    Ludoboum-Support Member/Moderator
    BobaFettTheGod- Support Member/Moderator
    DaggerWrath- Moderator
    Phoenixity- Moderator
    Charlieflan- Moderator
    Thecodymaverick and Joebuzz-Owner
    TheAtlanticCraft- Co-Owner

    Hope This Guide Helps you start off on crazycraft!
    -McEvilJohn :)
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    if you see me online i can help with small things but also remember one thing, beware the chicken spawner >:3
  4. McEvilJohn

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    Thank you :)
    Sawtooth will the chicken spawner kill your victims before you can help them? xD
  5. Sawtooth44

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  6. Lucas Doan

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    Nice Guide good job on that :)
  7. Griflin101

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    thaks i just started
  8. McEvilJohn

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    Np I had nothing to do so I thought I would do this.
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    I always enjoy a starting guide
  11. lovelyfighter

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    still don't get it but thx
  12. McEvilJohn

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    What don't u understand ? :p
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    tanks for the guide dude
  14. McEvilJohn

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  15. _FpsDrop_

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    And we are alredy on crazy craft 3.0
  16. McEvilJohn

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    Server for it isn't released yet.
  17. Ian Miner

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    How do you get crazy craft 3.0
  18. Sawtooth44

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    get the launcher, go to modpacks and look around there
    its going to be in ether official, beta or all
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    how to get like on the server whit actual chareters
  20. lovelyfighter

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    btw I have an xbox 360 I was wondering if you could make me a skin my email is [email protected]

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