Supercraft 1.0 Public Beta!

Discussion in 'Create Your Own Mod Packs' started by TheGamingDude, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. TheGamingDude

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    The all new Supercraft 1.0 Public Beta!

    So I was thinking about releasing a public beta for the Supercraft 1.0 Modpack by me but there are two reasons why I still call it "Beta"

    Because not all mods have gained permissions from the from the mod creators yet meaning I can't release it to a launcher

    Because more mods are still being introduced to it and I think it would be a very fun modpack

    The modpack may not work for Windows 8 users or Mac OSX Users it depends on what PC you have!

    The download will be down bellow but before you download here is a modlist:
    Better Dungeons
    Superhero Unlimited (Recently updated to 1.7.10)
    Furniture Mod (Mr Crayfish)
    Battle Towers
    Magical Crops
    More Health Enhanced
    Extra Utilities
    Inventory Pets
    Trail Mix
    Craft Guide
    Vanilla Enhancer
    Damage Indicators
    Security Craft
    Bibliocraft/Biblio Woods
    Soul Shards
    Vein Miner
    Lucky Blocks
    Maze Mod
    MallisDoors Mod
    Armour Workshop
    Two minimap mods featuring waypoints
    Portal Gun.
    And a few little more like mods to make other mods work so as you can see I have to get lots of permissions from mod makers.

    Here is the download: (The modpack might just have to be released on Voidswrath forums due to way too many permissions to get)
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  2. _UnknownEntity_

    _UnknownEntity_ New Member

    Looks like a really cool modpack
  3. TheGamingDude

    TheGamingDude Member

    Thanks dude its gonna be released on Technic launcher soon
  4. _UnknownEntity_

    _UnknownEntity_ New Member

    Is it gonna have the same name cuz I would love to beta test for you

    You should also try to get a public server for it as well if you can
  5. TheGamingDude

    TheGamingDude Member

    Yes i am thinking of a public server for it... You can also get it on technic launcher now just search Supercraft 1.0 Beta and yes its keeping the name inspired by CrazyCraft

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