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    Hey Guys Its TheGamingDude (MCGamer) Here and I got some news!

    NEWS OF Supercraft:
    Supercraft 1.0 and 1.1 was released yesterday and the Supercraft 1.1 Includes a 1.7.10 Chicken Chest! You can download it from!

    NEWS OF Vanillacraft:
    Vanillacraft is my new 1.8 Modpack including mods that add more tools, swords, mobs and more features! You can sign up for secretstage (Non-Public-Beta) Sign ups Now on!

    NEWS OF Supercraft 2.0 (Extremely Early News):
    Supercraft 2.0 Is going to be a 1.8 modpack but before that is released for beta sign-ups Orespawn has to be made for 1.8 and that may take a while!

    NEWS OF Supercraft Classic 1.0:
    Supercraft Classic is another modpack that is on 1.6.4 that is Supercraft today but downgraded for more mods previously released but not yet updated! It should go into secret stages for sign-ups pretty soon!

    NEWS OF 1.8 Server Named "Vanilla Supercraft":
    This server is in beta right now and the IP is! On for about 4 Hours a day right now!

    And thats all thats being made! Hope you will enjoy it all!
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    Seems cool, Cant wait to see how it goes.

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