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    First day. spawn ..
    1.survive until you find a brown ant.
    2.go to utopia dimension.
    3.avoiding king/queen trees find queen altar/ king altar, and gather corn for food
    4.make emerald then ruby gear, gather redstone blocks from queen altar
    5. make auto dungeon spawners. do not spawn in utopia you will regret it when the world is flooded with worms and mothra etc... if you get a tower
    6. do the mc thing.. farm, mine, and gather wood from the sky trees (infinite supply)
    7. if you have morph.. use an ant or half block mob morph to see through the ground and find dungeons. utopia is peaceful but mobs will spawn from spawners. the loot could be useful. if stayin in utopia world save the spawner for mob drops.
    8. go to other ant dimensions.. spawn dungeons
    9. if brown ant world is usable and not reset or bordered then use for your main base.. feel free to be outside at night.
    10. make bertha, hunt bosses (easily done with dungeon spawners)
    11. if you found a king queen tree in utopia mark on map but avoid for now
    12. after bertha and ultimate gear (possible royal/queen if you get a decent tower) get ready for mobzilla.. using caged or spawn egg mobs, pets etc, mobzilla is hard but not that hard that you should avoid it forever..
    13. mobzilla armor isnt as good as royal.. so try to get royal from towers if you want to face the dragons... imo i would rather fight the king than the queen. that purple power attack is brutal..
    14. stockpile resources, gather things for ultimate fights and play with other mods..
    15. if possible use a group when fighting king or queen.. and have a decent computer and hopefully lag free server.. nothing worse than the screen saying your dead when you cant even see what just killed you..

    nothing more exciting than watching youtubers take on orespawn mobs in iron armor .. :D
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  2. Yeah this is pretty much one of the ways i start in a nutshell
    Only thing is i can fight the king or queen both easily, if i get a prince egg from a tower ill just turn it into young adult and ride it so i dont get knockback so i chug notch apples while melting it fast
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    dont you just love how the youtubers keep dying and having their base blown up lmao. i guess it would be boring to watch a series that takes place in the utopia dimension and it is entertaining watching them take on op mobs with stone swords :D
  4. yeah, watching scrubs is amusing. Ssundee got kinda OP in his first playthrough doe lol. Had 18 protection poppets, 2 dragons he absorbed the health of who healed rapidly when he took damage, a bunch of Rival rebels weaponry that let him Melt orespawn mobs early game, and yeah... queen still nearly raped him doe xD nobody knows to ride the prince when fighting those things
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    Wow that is just...AWESOME!!! Thanks:D
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    very challenge for one to just simply do all that
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  8. mystikalizza

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    Another big tip for the ones who want to tough it out in the overworld dont forget to craft a sifter with your first string.. easily found from natura plant, ruins towers, or just punch a spider in the face
    the sifter is a great tool for just starting out.. you can get full iron gear from one sand
    just right click sand, gravel, and dirt
    i think sand gives best loot but all give lots of things such as shears item frames more sand glass gravel even food carrots and potatoes horse armor and junk like carrot on a stick also drop but its a easy way to get full iron when just spawning.
  9. Blizzard

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    a bit more tips do not build a shelter untill u find a sturdy area
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  10. mystikalizza

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    river/ocean= bad idea.. water dragon, attack squid/kraken, sea monster, sea viper, and crabs(cc3) not to mention a lot of mobs used to morph and fly early game are allergic to water ...
    desert= emperor scorpion
    plains= worms
    swamp= jumpy/spit bugs
    probably more.. best place for base is utopia or that mystic grove biome if your using biomes o plenty.. only mob that spawns is witches..
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    just hide in ur hut...

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