What Is Your Favourite Mod So Far In Crazycraft 3.0?

Discussion in 'Crazy Craft 3.0' started by Laserboy902, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. Laserboy902

    Laserboy902 New Member

    What is your favourite mod so far in crazycraft 3.0? sorry just very interested! :p
  2. Laxboy332

    Laxboy332 New Member

  3. Steven20022

    Steven20022 New Member

    I like the doctor who mod
  4. ipavo7

    ipavo7 New Member

  5. Mordug iFebag

    Mordug iFebag New Member

    zelda sword for sure!!!
  6. Soupergameboy

    Soupergameboy New Member

    Inventory pets (even though I'm not in beta testing ATM)
  7. SuperLaserZanZ

    SuperLaserZanZ New Member

    orespawn (mostly for the royal guardian sword :) )
  8. Slay1124

    Slay1124 New Member

    Morph Mod it is so fun you can morph into anything with a health bar
  9. 8014205

    8014205 New Member

    transformers mod
  10. Minedbender

    Minedbender New Member

    I think the inventory pets mod. It gives that good feeling that you accomplished something because you have to work by killing monsters or exploring to find the pets. If you find a legendary pet you worked or got lucky to get it. It gives the game a balance to the crazyness already present.
  11. HarmandeepSingh

    HarmandeepSingh New Member

  12. Jarve

    Jarve Member

    Orespawn always, it never gets old haha
  13. Sumadu

    Sumadu Member

  14. Lsbeast123

    Lsbeast123 Member

  15. Joey.coolman

    Joey.coolman New Member

    I would have to go with everything xD
  16. _UnknownEntity_

    _UnknownEntity_ New Member

  17. MCFinestRed

    MCFinestRed New Member

  18. TheDiamondCraft

    TheDiamondCraft New Member

  19. Porkchopp

    Porkchopp Member

    I like the pac man mod, it's so cool
  20. CreepTheGame12

    CreepTheGame12 New Member

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