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Discussion in 'Crusader Craft' started by ric, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. ric

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    hi when i try to load cruesader craft it does this and gets stuch on initialising can some1 please help me i have tried all i know how to do and wont work i restarted my pc i reinstalled it but nothing works upload_2015-7-11_20-35-36.png
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    have you tried to wait it out?
  3. Orangutom

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    I am having the exact same problem with CrusaderCraft. It stops at the same point. I have waited for over an hour with no luck. I have a similar problem with CrazyCraft 3.0.1 Beta. I have waited on that one for over 3 hours. It stops at Initializing 5 of 7. It seems I have a problem with 1.7.10 mod packs on Voidlauncher. I can play Fellowship and CrazyCraft 2.2 fine. I have an I5 with 8 GB Ram ATI HD 7750 and JDK My kids can play both on their quad core with 8 gb ram and ati hd 5600 but get low framerates 20-25 on CrusaderCraft and extremely low framerates on CrazyCraft 3.0.1 Beta at around 2-5fps. Can't figure why theirs loads and mine hangs.

    I fixed it. I have an older 1.7 version of Java since some of my older mod packs don't play nice with Java 1.8. Java 1.7 does not work well with allowing Java to control the Ram allocation. I have a system Java_options variable defined, but void launcher over writes it. so I had to hit the cog wheel on the upper right of the launcher window and manually define the Ram allocation range from 512MB to 4GB. It loads quick and gives great framerate. I did this on the kids pcs and they got much better framerate as well.
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  4. You need to set the ram to 2000some, go to the cog, options,minecraft options, undo let java decide optimal values, and set the percentages until the numbers next to equal 2000 or more on max, min doesnt matter too much, but I have it at 1000some
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    Java Optimal is Usually the way to go, if you don't want a lot of trouble, but it may not always work.
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  6. Wesley Kidd

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    A friend of my is having the same problem when she tries to open crusader craft it stops on a black screen and won't load she is on a windows. Plz help!

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